Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

AND another finish.


Another one in James Brett Party Time Chunky. Available in your lys or Here

As you have gathered it knits up very quickly indeed on big needles. 5mm and 6mm I think. Anyway it has been very gratifying to have so many finishes already this year. Sadly I am at the end of my party time projects. Slower knitting will follow. Here is a close up of the lovely double moss stitch effect. I had my doubts when I began but it’s quite pretty don’t you reckon?


And there was enoughย  yarn left over for an improvised hat which may or may not fit Miss F.


There is a very small ball left over and I reckon with the other two leftover colours I can make something pretty from one the knitting books my Secret Santa gifted me.

Meantime I have started to crochet the 6 blocks for the middle of the blanket I am doing.


Oh that hat crept in again. Now I finished the A-Z challenge so have launched straight into Read 15 books I already own/ have borrowed, that reside in two heaps by our bed. The weekend being very dull and very dreary at least weather wise was perfect for a snuggle on the sofa and read time. I have read book number one , which was by Joanne Trollope- Parson Harding’s Daughter. It was a historical novel of the usual formula, but being by Ms Trollope was very well done and an enjoyable read.

Number two is by Jane Gardam and is called Bilgewater. Bilgewater being the nickname for one Marigold Green who lives with her Dad who’sย  a schoolmaster at a boarding school. He is known to the boys as Bill, so Marigold becomes Bills daughter, hence bilgewater. I borrowed this one form a friend last year and its time I read and returned it to her. Its a good read, all the excruciating angst of a teenage girl sadly going through a prolonged ugly duck phase, which begins at 5 and goes on to now when she is doing A levels. It’s a humourous book but I feel too sorry for the character to laugh much. Too much identifying going on.

I know I have said no yarn purchases this year till I have knitted up the projects I have in the queue. Believe me the queue is very long! The wardrobe bulges too much.

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (32)

  1. The sweater and hat are adorable. Anyone would want to wear them. I love how the stitches look. Very fun feeling. Yes, all our closets are bulging. And I’m trying to read books I already have as well. I have A LOT of books to read.

  2. Love the little sweater. Am a HUGE fan of moss stitch and double moss stitch. Thanks as always for the book reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the project queue.

  3. I love the pinks in the jumper and hat – so

  4. What a pretty sweater. I love the variegated yarn. I love the pattern on the blanket block also.

  5. Simply adorable!!! I am getting ready to do two chunky kids’ knits, but with full on cables it does not translate to quick knitting!

  6. I love this jumper. So beautiful!! (I’m off to order that yarn….)

  7. I have made two sort of cardigan/jackets for myself using double moss stitch – although in single colours – and I love the effect. It’s fun to do too isn’t it?

  8. Love that sweater and matching hat for Miss F!

  9. love the colors! So bright and happy for the gray winter ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. What an adorable sweater! I love the double moss stitch!

  11. claire93 said:

    what a lovely sweater and hat!

  12. Your sweater is so pretty! I like the puffy stitches, and the colors blend so well together. I think you have a good idea about reading books you have or can borrow. I have a lot of books here to read but it depends on my mood at the time.

    • I was pleased with the sleeves, so many thanks for your comment. I love going to the library to choose books so reading the ones I already have at home will be tough. I will probably choose library books too.

  13. Such a sweet sweater! I love the side vents!

  14. The sweater is beautiful Cathy! You are simply amazing with those pointy needles. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs, Tamara

  15. Just love how that moss stitch looks in that varigated yarn.
    What is the blanket you are making? Is it a CAL?

    • No it’s not a CAL. Bit of a long story but a blanket I am making for Mr E because he got jealous of everything I made for other people. And he says he gets cold toes in bed. He does too.

  16. Very pretty sweater and hat. The colors are so cheerful! Congrats on another great finish.

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