Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

One of the joys of childhood was a trip out to the moors. My brother and I would fight for the task of getting out of the Land Rover to open the gates on the gated moorland roads, necessary for keeping the sheep in their correct fields. And why did we fight over this? Because closing them involved standing on the bars and slowly swinging them closed.

Ever since then I have loved gates. I don’t tend to swing on them anymore, unless they look very sturdy and no-one is watching. Instead I take photos of them, as I am sure you may have noticed from the number of pictures on my  blog.

Here’s a small sample of gates that have appeared here in just the last couple or so years.

The buttercup field gate, oh and yes I swung on this one as a child.

8.6.16 013

A lych gate- I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of swinging on a church gate.


22.9.15 003

A church garden gate- The Secret Garden was a great favourite and I would have loved to have found a gate to a secret garden.

Dorset June 2015 091

Gate in the middle of nowhere. Mr E at the lavender farm. Do gates just bring out our frivolous natures I wonder?

lavender farm aug 15 014

Gate to a lamb field in Dalby Forest. Go on you know you would have swung on this one.


I expect I will go on taking photos and swinging on gates when no-one is watching for a while longer.

Now please confess, did you swing on gates? If you say No I shall not believe you.

Love to see your pictures of gates. Please leave a link here at Wild daffodil or in the comments .

Next week’s prompt if you would like to join in is Happy!


Comments on: "One a week photo challenge- Gate" (26)

  1. Oh what gorgeous gates!! Love the church gate and the secret garden ones the best! 🙂

  2. An incredible collection of gate images Cathy. I love the Blue Gate image , its the kind of response Donald Trump’s policy makers would come up with.

  3. These are great photos to show the joys of gates! It’s funny, I don’t remember many gates, even though I grew up on a farm. The other thing I love about England, that we didn’t have, is stiles–so many different kinds of stiles!

  4. But of course I did!

  5. I love your gates! There’s something magical about gates, and I’d still swing in a gate too!

  6. This took me back! My brother and I always took turns to open the gates across the lanes up and around Snowdonia as we headed out for our family Sunday walk. Neither of us were interested, tired and wet, on the way back, though!

    • It was the best bit of our jaunts on the moor. Snowdnia is lovely though. Does it always rain there I wonder. I remember some wet and miserable excursions too.

      • thoughts36 said:

        Ha, it’s a bit like where I live, being high up and surrounded by hills seems to attract clouds like a magnet. Nice and sunny today though I’m happy to say.

  7. I would have never thought about such an array of feet photos. Very nice.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Great selection of gates – like that blue one on the way to nowhere! I’ve tried following your blog couple of times Cathy but it doesn’t seem to like me – or at least you don’t come up in my reader. Not sure why it doesn’t work.

    • Oh I am sorry to hear that. I think you can use bloglovin’ and email also if that helps. I prefer to follow blogs by email myself.

    • thoughts36 said:

      Hi Murtagh’s meadow, apologies for butting in but I have this problem with another blog, following it but it never appears in my reader. I tried the WordPress helpers. We thought the problem was resolved but apart from the first couple of weeks it’s disappeared from the reader again. Just one of wordpress’s unsolved mysteries.

  9. We used to swing on gates but were always told off by our father as it made the gates drop and then they were difficult to shut properly.

  10. I always swung on the gates! I had a picture in my mind of a gate to photograph and didn’t get out to find it! Love these, though…very English!

  11. thoughts36 said:

    Lovely photo’s, what a pretty place to grow up. Not something I’ve had the pleasure of swinging on a gate, most gates round here are locked and have a style at the side that you have to climb over, or trip over, depending on level of athleticism.

  12. Lovely photos. I did swing on gates and also did ‘apple turnovers’ on the barriers that were poles between two uprights that I think were a more common sight for me as a city urchin.

    • Oh yes the bridge over the beck to the buttercup field has a fabulous railing ideal for doing somersaults over. Not done one of those as an adult.

  13. Ooh that takes me back! – I too used to open gates as a child and swing on them! The roads to my uncle’s house in Leicestershire were gated and we children thought it completely magical and inexplicable (coming from London) that ordinary roads had gates on them. I went back a couple of years ago, and was incredibly excited to get out of the car to open the gate as my husband drove through …. and …yes, I swung on it! (nobody looking and it was sturdy 🙂

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