Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I had no idea this prompt would prove so hard. Either I don’t look up enough at ceilings or by and large ceilings are none events.

I went to our local church in the end.


And the tree nearly reached the ceiling. But it’s not very inspiring.


I went through my archives and Salisbury Cathedral is more impressive.


The cloisters more so.


I shall have to look at ceilings more closely this year and maybe come back to this one.

This challenge is a follow on from the  52 a week  photo challenge. Sandra and I from Wild Daffodil compiled the list of prompts. We would love you to join in. There is no commitment to taking part each week and you can use old pictures as I have  done this week. If you would like to leave a link to your picture at Wild Daffodil

or here that would be lovely.

Next weeks prompt is Card

Happy Snapping.



Comments on: "One a week photo challenge- ceiling" (20)

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  5. Helen Johnstone said:

    Does the week run from a Monday to Monday or Sunday to Sunday i.e. What’s my deadline for this first one?

    • Tuesday to Tuesday would you believe! But there are no deadlines and no one minds if you post on Monday. Really it’s very relaxed and fun and just wonderful to share interpretation and sometimes some fabulous photos.

  6. Those cloisters are stunning! 😊

  7. Those are some interesting looking ceilings. Why are mine so plain? Hmmm. Well done.

  8. When I saw the list of weekly prompts, I thought “ceiling” would be a hard one!

  9. Most of mine have spiders’ webs on them!

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