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Photo Challenge- Spirit

The last prompt for the 2016 Photo Challenge was Spirit.

In 2009 my husband Mr E had cancer. He had a gruelling six months of chemo and radiotherapy. He had been self-employed so we were dependent on my earnings and I had to keep working whilst supporting him. Our youngest had just started uni. My step-mother had a stroke and was in hospital too.  It was a question of heads down and keep going a day at a time.

And then it was all over. He had an all clear. Our eldest son got married and my lovely in-law family gave us a holiday in Crete.

What sustained us through all of this was our faith and our love of the natural world.


This church set amongst the trees and mountains of Crete, taken on that holiday in 2009, encompass this perfectly.

Next year Sandra and I have devised a new photo challenge and we very much hope you will take part. Once again here are the prompts.


Don’t forget to leave a link to your Spirit picture in the comments.

Happy Snapping 2017!




Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Spirit" (22)

  1. Perfect image to go with your life journey – glad to hear Mr E has had the all-clear:)

  2. No need to tag, just leave your link

  3. […] for 2016 is SPIRIT and boy do a lot of us need some. See the other brilliant images for SPIRIT at https://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com/2016/12/29/photo-challenge-spirit/#comments For next years challenge planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at  […]

  4. Wow what a difficult time you had. So evocative with that image too. I would love to join in your challenge next year 😊

  5. What a beautiful image to remember your strong family spirit at that time Cathy. Here is the link to my contribution https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/spiritual-vision/ . I thought I had better get back for the last challenge when I read your inspirational story.

  6. What a difficult time that must have been, so happy you’ve come through it. Lovely, lovely post! Hopping back onto the Photo Challenge for 2017!

  7. A perfect ending to your 2016 challenge! Beautiful photo and a happy ending to boot!

  8. A gorgeous picture — what a special trip that must have been!

  9. 2009 must have been a very very lousy year for your family. I’m glad it’s in the past xxx

  10. a lovely photo and a wonderful way to end what must have been a grueling time for you all. Wonderful in-laws! So glad Mr. E beat that big C.

  11. notskinnyvicky said:

    Hi Merry Christmas and happy 2017. I would really like to take part in your photo challenge next year. How do I go abouts adding/tagging photos.

    • Oh we would love to have you along. Next year we will leave a link to posts in the comments section of Sandra’s blog at Wild Daffodil. I will put a link up in my first entry. But of course I am happy to have links on my blog too. Good luck.

  12. Wow–that really is a perfect shot, given the story you shared!

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