Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!


Well there’s the white cable cardigan, still on the first sleeve. Underneath is the jumper I started as an antidote to the counting on the cardigan, and that is now very nearly finished. Let’s face I was just not meant to cable.

I read a book by Sally Vickers for my V author. Didn’t like it. So am finishing my year by reading an old favourite which Ginny reminded me about last week. Love it.

Joining with Small Things for Yarn Along


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (5)

  1. I have yet to try cables. Yours look good to me, but I understand that the constant counting could be annoying. The bottom knit looks great.

    • Thanks. I just find I have to concentrate the whole time while I do the cable pattern. There are no long bits for daydreaming and whilst stocking stitching!

  2. So, will you give up entirely on the cable knit? It’s pretty but if it gives no joy . . . why keep at it?!

  3. Ah, knitting – that gene never transferred from my mother to me sadly. I applaud anyone who knits or even attempts to knit

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