Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week!

So this is how the room where I should be creating in looks right now.


Yup that’s right I can barely get in through the door. Something will have to be done… later. I finally found the bag in which my purchases from the Vinatge fair lurked.


I do not approve of fox hunting at all, but couldn’t resist the jug with the foxes head for a spout. Nor this one


So cute.

Kathy reminded me of home made pomanders so I just had to make one.


Claire sent me a lovely surprise . Thanks Claire, it’s so pretty.


Was rather pleased with this pie I made last week. Left over roast chicken, bacon, mushrooms and a white wine tarragon sauce topped with puff pastry.


Christmas shopping was finally completed on Saturday and I couldn’t resist this little fellow.


Maybe it’s time for some tidying up now….

Have a good week everyone.


Comments on: "This week!" (17)

  1. LOVE the fox hunting jug! And I love seeing more pomanders, as well as all your others preparations!

  2. I seem to remember there being one of those fox head jugs in our house when I was a kid – although ours was more squat. I can’t think why as it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing my Mum would have gone for at all but I do remember pouring the evaporated milk out of it on to my tinned peaches :/

    • Lovely memories of a similiar jug. I had a boyfriend whose Mum always gave me tinned peaches and evaporated milk. A Sunday treat in their household!

  3. I have a sewing room and a guest room — each one takes a turn being overstuffed with everything I need to work on or need to clear out of the main rooms. When they are both overstuffed, I know I have to clean up instead of craft! 🙂

  4. I think i should make some clove pommanders. They are actually very good when added to warming cider in a slowcooker too.Your pie looks tasty.x

  5. I’m loving my pomander for sure, and am enjoying one of those sweet ornaments from our mutual friend! The fox pitcher is a keeper!!

  6. your “create room” looks fabulous!!! I’ve love to dive in and have a good burrow 🙂

  7. a big warm thank you Cathy, for the unbirthday surprise! I think I can see Hetty asleep on your bed in the first photo? getting her strength up before her journey to France, I see

  8. Love those jugs – what a fabulous find!! And that pie looks to die for!!

  9. Good luck with the tidying up (one of my least favourite pastimes… can’t beat a leftovers pie in my book 🙂

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