Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week!

Another happy and busy week. Christmas preparations well under way now. The spare room where I work is covered in stuff, completed projects and presents waiting to be wrapped, piles of materials for the if I have time things. You Know..

I am loving our new sofas. On 27 December 2015 we went sofa hunting and have been all year. Finally we agreed I would choose one and Mr E the other. Mr E’s delivered a week ago, mine on Brexit Eve!


Mine, all mine


Ours! I love the poinsettia I bought, it says Christmas is coming, now I don’t have children at home with the advent calender.

Haven’t we had some wonderful sunsets this week?


If I sit on MY sofa this is the view I see.

Tinsel knitting continues.


That would be alongside the two knitting and crochet projects I have going to say nothing of the fabric bits and bobs. Happy to say I will have something to share this month in scrap happy. Meantime this lady hedgehog , called Hetty Wainthropp, is hunting for her passport and trying to learn a foreign language.


The vintage pop up shop I visited yesterday in the lovely village of Coxwold. I was there to attend a wreath making workshop. It was good fun. Lovely tutor and participants and mince pies….mmm mince p  i  e  s.

Details of the vintage pop up shops here. 


My wreath and in close up


Quite proud of myself.

Can you tell I love getting ready for Christmas?

I know some of the bloggers I follow are having a tough time. I visited our church this week, lit a candle and said prayers for you all.  Hard to put a brave face to the world at this time of year. I have had my fair share of doing that this decade and this year I am so grateful that I don’t need to be brave. I am enjoying every moment.

Hoping you all have a good week and some happy times, they are so precious.


Comments on: "This week!" (18)

  1. The wreath is beautiful. I put a pine wreath on my table and put some ornaments on it. And then wondered why I was miserable. Forgot that old pine allergy!!! LOL. So now it’s going outside!

  2. Brilliant idea to have ‘mine’ and ‘ours’, even if he does think it’s ‘his’! Typical bloke choosing a brown leather sofa – looks over comfort. We’ve just got new sofas – both velvet but different colours and styles. Comfort comes first with me and if they look good too, that’s a bonus:)

  3. So nice to hear about all your Christmas preparations. I like too that you remember those who aren’t enjoying this time of the year – for all sorts of reasons. We so often push any mention of them under the sofa – and your lovely two would do very well!

    • I am experiiencing such lovely emotions this year and I can’t help remembering previous years when it really was hard to keep a smile on my face .

  4. I love your wreath! The sofas are great, so different so I can see why you each choose your own! X

  5. Your wreath is wonderful, looks like a pro made it to me. 🙂 every time another tinsel animal appears, I can’t help smiling, they just make me want to laugh they are so cute and happy! ENjoy your couch and those sunsets…wow!

  6. I followed the link to the pop up shop, and I pretty much want everything they have to offer. However paying for airfare would cancel out any bargains I would get, so now I’ll just wish I could have gone too!

  7. Your sofa looks more inviting. Is that a good thing? 🙂 Love Hetty Wainthropp. What language is she trying to learn? I too, am getting all set up for Christmas. I will go between adding ornaments to the tree and sewing on a quilt. Keeps me from sitting too long. Love your wreath. Like you, I love Christmas!

  8. The couches are gorgeous! They were well worth the wait:) I love your wreath. It must smell as good as it looks.

  9. That wreath is stunning ! Thanks for sharing and have a great week 🙂

  10. You DO love Christmas–I can tell! The “his and hers” couches make me laugh–I could’ve guessed which one was chosen by you and which by your husband! And your wreath is lovely!

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