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Yarn Along!

The car needed a service and MOT last week. This meant that I had hours to while away in York, so I just had to go shopping. After all there were Christmas presents to buy and Secret Santa gifts to sort out. Which of course meant fabric and yarn shopping. I went to one of my favourite shops, Duttons for Buttons in York, and sure enough I found a cross stitch kit of a horse suitable for an 8 year old. By now I had done lots of walking and felt a sit down would be in order. I knew that on the top floor there was a chair for people to browse knitting patterns. Now , I so didn’t need a knitting pattern…. (can you see where this might be going?) I have tinsel yarn for owls and hedgehogs, a sheep kit from Dartmoor Yarns to make, a nearly 3/4 complete white cable cardigan, yes that one, wool for a mermaid’s tail, did you forget that somewhere I have yarn for a Bagpuss. I had until I found it earlier in the month. So I really have quite enough on the go.

But I was sitting there and wondering if they had CCTV on the top floor, the staff were all two floors below. Maybe I should pretend to be looking at patterns, and oh look isn’t that yarn pretty. No I don’t need yarn, I will just pretend to look at the pattern book.

Well you know what happened next. I really don’t need to say anymore.


Go on seriously could you have resisted this self striping yarn? I knitted the front to the neck-band in just two nights. It’s CHUNKY wool. It’s scarcely going to impact on all the other knitting is it? The yarn is by James Brett and called Party Time Chunky. And Master T could really do with a new jumper, couldn’t he?

YES. Well done the correct answer.

Meantime I am onto S in my read through the alphabet at the library ridiculous personal challenge. I think John Steinbeck may well be my all time favourite author, he is certainly in the top 5, so when I found two books by him that I hadn’t read well I just had to read them both. I finished The Long Valley, a volume of his early short stories, Not his best but good anyway.

MMMM there are some very nice girly patterns and pinkish Party Time Chunky yarns, I wonder would Miss F like a new jumper?

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (14)

  1. Impossible to resist those colors, especially when someone you know is need!!

  2. striping yarn is where it’s at! lovely knitting πŸ™‚

  3. Resistance is futile! Surrender and enjoy! Hurray for you!

  4. I think you showed amazing restraint in only buying yarn for one project and I just love the color of that yarn. Have you read Nevil Shute? Just a thought in case you are looking for another S book. He’s most known for On The Beach and A Town Like Alice, but I have really enjoyed all his other books too. His last book, Trustee from the Tool Room, is simply wonderful–my whole family, including my engineer husband and teenage sons, loved it. If you like audiobooks, the reader for this one is terrific. Some of his views on race and women are very outdated now, but he tells wonderful stories. I think you’d like his books if you like Steinbeck.

    • I read Nevil Shute a long time ago. I don’t think there are any of his books in the library, but I could get some for my Kindle. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. I would not be able to resist the buttons and I can see how you failed to resist the yarn. It’s not like it’s whiling away in a drawer somewhere. It’s being put to good use. I had to look up Dutton’s Buttons and almost melted at the selection. It’s been a long time since I read Steinbeck. Have to give it another go.

  6. Well you can’t be in York and not go shopping and, if the opportunity arises, you can’t go shopping and not by lovely wool. Your other projects? They won’t ‘go off’.

  7. No-one in their right mind would have resisted that wool πŸ™‚

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