Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This Week!

Well I knew it was going to be busy and it was! The car had its annual service and MOT, and I had to go shopping in York whilst I waited. Please note the had to, more of that on Wednesday.

My son Mr J flew back from holiday and the lovely Ms M had said YES when he proposed. Youngest son Mr B and partner Ms G have exchanged contracts on their first house. And Mr T has been offered a new job. Not often all three have happy news and all at once.

I have managed a little knitting,


Pink one is for my new step granddaughter, Miss S who is Ms M’s daughter. And the little one , well that’s for Secret Santa.

I went to Wales to visit my brother and my Mum. I delivered the blanket to Mum’s care home, with very strict washing instructions, Rachel.


The care home Mum is staying in. Mum has Alzheimer’s. She recognised me but I noticed didn’t use my name. Her memory is very poor now. She knows she grew up in Liverpool and if told of a story she told me before, remembers it and can add details. But she is well looked after and she has lots of company. The day centre she used to attend when still in her own home has closed down now, so goodness knows how she would have been if she had not chosen to go to the care home.

My brother is well. We went out for a lovely pub dinner at the Lamb and Flag near Abergaveny .


My brother Mr P and his tagliatelle dinner. He couldn’t finish it!


Mrs L, my SIL. That’s chicken and ribs and she couldn’t finish hers either.


And that’s my chicken pie and I ate it all UP. YUM.

From Wales I went to see my son Mr T. All are well, and Little Miss F was thrilled with her new blanket. It was very good for hiding treasures under! And for keeping little girls snug. Strict washing instructions given.

Thank you Rachel.

So home again yesterday to view the new sofa which Mr E had to organise whilst I was away. It looks lovely. Pictures next week. And I had mail.



This is a Christmas present for Mrs T. From the Wool Warehouse, an Attic 24 weekend bag kit . The instructions look good and as always it’s nicely presented. My only criticism is it took them ages to get it to me.

AND a present from me to Me.


Made by our lovely Bekki at The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Well every good Nana deserves a present!

The coming week should be a bit calmer.

Hope you all had a good week and enjoy this one too. And for everyone going through hard times, just remember when you hit rock bottom there’s only one way to go. UP.



Comments on: "This Week!" (29)

  1. What a fab week and what fab presents. Enjoy your Dartmoor sheep & and Attic 24 bag 🙂 that chicken pie looked delicious 😋

  2. What lovely news from your children! My daughter is hoping to complete on her first house purchase before Christmas, too. Exciting times. So glad to hear that your mum is in a good home – it made all the difference to us when hubby’s father had to go to a dementia care home. I also tend to stick to cotton or acrylic for blankets so that they can be chucked in the washing machine and dryer. This one promises to be another great mix of colours.

  3. This one had me smiling all the way through. The owls are a hoot! The golden was my favorite. The sheep is going to be delightful. I can see why you had to finish your meal. It would not be good to take any home as you were not heading that way. It look all yummy.

  4. The Owls are way cute 🙂 Glad to hear you mum is being well looked after. I too agree with the comment about Attic 24s pack being acrylic – but then you know what i am for my wool. Thanks for the name check and posting about the sheep. Do hope you enjoy knitting him/her. Look forward seeing him/her Thanks again for your order 🙂

  5. isn’t it a wonderful feeling when things go well for our children!

  6. What a lovely kind of busy week. And so filled with GOOD news!! I love all your projects (esp taken with your little owls) – lucky santa partner. I’m so sorry that your mum is is suffering, but heartened to hear you’re pleased with her treatment. It’s always so tricky, finding a good place that will love our loved ones. Can’t wait to see your little Dartmoor sheep!

    • I know three bits of news in a week. Unbelievable after the last goodness knows how many years of the other sort. I am so grateful. Finding a good place does take a lot of research and some knowledge of reading inspection reports. Previous jobs came in handy.

  7. That was a crazy busy but very good week! Congrats all around to your family members, how wonderful to have something for each one to celebrate. Those owls still crack me up, they are so funny and so adorable, and I LOVE that little sheep. Cute as a button. Your mom has a lovely place to live, Alzheimer’s is not fun for the family. We did that with my mom. The week before she passed I had about 30 seconds of clarity with her on the phone, and I continue to treasure that. Keep those good moments and conversations.

    • It’s good that my Mum loves to talk. I know her stories backwards and can keep prompting her. She says she can’t remember things I tell her and I say it doesn’t matter cos she told me and I am her memory for them now. I bet you do treasure that 30 seconds chat to your Mum. Such precious memories.

  8. Mrs T. will be happy – a mix of some lovely colours there.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your little sheep – I was tempted to buy one for myself but it was my sister’s birthday last week and I ordered one to be sent to her instead. I can’t wait to see how you both do with your kit.

  9. Wow–so busy! But it sounds like a good, happy kind of busy for the most part. I love that little sheep–I hope you’ll be making him soon!

  10. The owls are too cute for words!
    It’s wonderful that you had nice visits with everyone and all the news from your children was so good:)

  11. Glad to hear about all your good news. Sheep looks cute and all wool too. Look forward to seeing him made up.

    • Isn’t good news just great, and all three sons at once. I am enjoying the sensation of being without worry, for however long it may last. The sheep is cute. Can’t wait to start.

  12. I’m sure your dear mum is grateful to have good care and company.
    Laughing about your food comments 🙂 x

    • I do like a nice clean plate! Yes I am pleased that there is so much going on in Mum’s home. They have an entertainments officer would you believe.

  13. Nice colours in the Attic 24 kit, but I’m rather disappointed that they are always all acrylic… I do love real wool from real sheep. And so I love your little Dartmoor sheep ❤

  14. Ollie’s relations! She says Hi! They always make me hoot!!!!! So lovely to hear all your good news. Looking forward to seeing how the weekend bag comes along. xx

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