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Yarn Along!


Knitting the first sleeve of the cable cardigan. I will get this done, I Will get this done, I WILL get this done , I so WILL get this done. This year I aimed to improve my knitting skills. To challenge myself. Well this cable cardigan has done just this. I can’t lose concentration for a second. If I do it is absolutely guaranteed to go Wrong immediately!

Knitting I found is something I usually do as a kind of meditation. I go into a trance. My mind wanders. I may even do some thinking. With cables I just can’t do this.Β  Which is why I have had two projects on the go since the summer, one to improve skills and one for fun. First the knitted village and now tinsel creatures. Yes that is another tinsel owl. Like to see where the last one has gone. She has made some good friends, let me tell you. Apparently she is a bit of a flirt. Click here to visit the one and only Wild Daffodil and the seahorses.

Meantime I had the most incredible surprise. One of my all time favourite knitting bloggers gave me a mention in her blog. Oh WOW!

The Twisted Yarn included me in her post about the best knitting bloggers. Oh Gosh! I love her blog. Not only can Phil do amazing knitting she can do it whilst walking or jogging or drinking wine. The Stoic Spouse and the twinnage make a regular appearance too. So not only is the knitting and crochet fantastic she is very , very funny too, and guaranteed to cheer you up. But don’t take my word for it, go visit… here

Reading has now moved onto the letter R. Finding a book to read by an author which surname began with an R was so hard. I choose this in the end because of the cover. Turns out that I choose a lot of books because of the cover. Anyway, think Dan Brown conspiracy novel meets would be spiritual cult book. I gather there was quite a spin off from this book. Hopefully I will find out why.

Joining with Ginny at Small Things for another good yarn.

Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (26)

  1. Drinking wine while knitting? I thought that was compulsory. I seem to recall The Celestine prophecy being a very big ‘new age’ book quite some time ago. Interested to hear what you think.

  2. I will have to keep a look out for this book sounds like I may enjoy it and my niece is called Celestine !

  3. That’s so nice, that you got recognition from Phil–I love her blog, too, and I don’t knit!

  4. Knitting while drinking wine? This is a skill I must perfect – it may take some practice but who cares?

  5. Why shouldn’t you choose a book by the cover? πŸ™‚ Love at first sight happens.

  6. Haha! I’ve seen your wandering little owl and the result of her flirtations! So cute. This is a great post. Your self-talk is similar to my own….fingers crossed that my results are similar to your own. Love your book-reading system, so inventive. πŸ™‚

  7. ha! i read this book when it came out and its “sequel”. loved them both!!! crushing on your cables. im a newbie so drool at everything!

    • Lovely to hear from someone who read the book. I only started last night. I have been knitting years but hadn’t done much by way of cables. Think I will always prefer colour work. This year has been a learning curve for me. Good to stretch myself.

  8. Lovely! Happy Wednesday β™₯

  9. I like Wild Daffodil’s spin-off blog, ‘Beach Clean Art’ – the Thames finds are fantastic! As is the art created from finds.
    Clever you, I’ve done some cable knitting but not in a garment. It looks impressive.

  10. C’mon Nana C … another link to your new fame as a Knitting Blogger post please (lazy Googler…whatever next?!)

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