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Photo Challenge- Socks

Or B****Y socks.

A couple of weeks ago a friend posted a picture of her laundry basket half full of black school socks. She has two children and the caption was B****Y socks.

How I remember those days. Three boys and a husband with identical socks to be paired up. Eventually I hit on the idea to ignore school uniform rules and so one boy had black, one navy and one grey. Mr E had striped. Life a great deal simpler. Even simpler when the boys took matters in their own handsĀ  and branched out into batman socks, spiderman socks, turtles socks etc. But they thought I would know who owned which pair. And with verukas to beware of knowing whose was whose was important.

So today I dedicate my post to all who have to pair up the family socks!


My socks were always easy!

Please leave a link to your socks pictures.

Next week’s prompt is WILD

Happy Snapping!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Socks" (19)

  1. Great photo – pairing socks when the kids were young – aaaarghhhhhh! You’ve brought it all back!

  2. My grandson has dark socks for school (not sure what colour) but his dad bought him ones with coloured heels which I thought was fun!

  3. The sock monster has been stalking me for decades. He lives in the washing machine. He eats just one of a pair of socks so most of your socks are one sock not two. So to outsmart him I had all black socks so if he ate some you can still match them up. But then I learned a very smart thing. Pin them together with safety pin. Then you don’t have to play “match up the socks” after washing and apparently the sock monster does not like the pins and leaves them alone. Dad drives me crazy. He’ll be 93 on the 29th and still calls his socks stockings. Well at least he says car instead of horseless carriage.

    • Oh bless your Dad with his stockings. Long / knee length socks were called stocking socks. Hence Christmas Stockings! Safely pins, that’s clever but too logical for me!

  4. Beautiful ā™„

  5. My husband loves to wear odd socks, which makes pairing up very very easy šŸ™‚

  6. magpiesue said:

    How fun! My experience has been different, here in the States and children in public schools that didn’t have uniforms. Nor do I have a clothesline on which to peg them out. But I sure enjoyed your photo and story!

  7. I’m a huge sock fan and knit all my socks myself. Here are some: https://babajeza.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/sechs-paar-socken-an-der-leine-sockomania/
    I like pairing them. šŸ™‚

  8. That gave me my smile for the day. šŸ™‚

  9. I pointed out to my brother that he was wearing odd socks and he replied “Yes, I have a pair just like them in the sock drawer”! Lovely post, thank you.

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