Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week!

It’s been a pretty ordinary sort of week for us.  I settle for ordinary and ok over upset and drama anytime.

In a previous life I worked in a wool and fabric shop. Saturdays always brought the unexpected, Mums trying to mend the frankly beyond mending, teenagers tentatively embarking on their first projects, and the chaps with beards. Chaps with beards invariably wanted to alter something, to attach something to a bike or a sports bag. The solution was usually velcro or tape, sewing was frequently not an option, glue was required.

Mr E, who has no beard, presented me with such a dilemma on Monday. The straps on his newly purchased rucksack were too short. Could I cut them here and here add some more strap, fold this here etc etc. We bought some tape, but his instruction on what was wanted were too complicated for me. So he cut the straps, folded the tape, I sewed the bits together under his direction. And voila one happy chappie.

Next day I went to my U3A meeting. The speaker was a former big band saxophone player. He was interesting to a degree. Big bands being more of my parents generation than mine. It was a shame he didn’t play any music to us.

Then Mr Trump, triumphed. The sky did not fall down.


And Sheila from Sewchet sent me details of my Secret Santa recipients. Am very excited. My stitching and knitting people are lovely. I have trawled and trawled their blogs to get to know them thoroughly inside out and back again. I have dug out patterns, magazines and books. I have scoured the internet for ideas and now think I have a plan of campaign. Things to be made, purchases to be pursued. I have a £10 spend limit. Tell me if you were my recipient what would like?

It snowed on Wednesday. Not much but a little. And my baby boy turned 28. OMG.

My poetry group was on Thursday.  A lovely group of all ladies. Next month I have to choose some of my favourite poems to read. I wondered if anyone had a favourite poem? I keep thinking of the one called the Naming of Parts today, as it’s Armistice day.

I made the Christmas cake on Friday. The whole house smelt of singeing brown paper .

Yesterday it rained. I did some Christmas internet shopping.

Today it’s frosty but the sun shines. I have done the ironing and am about to have coffee before cooking a Sunday roast. The garden looks damp and bedraggled. Life goes on.


Jasmine ready to bloom next year.

Have a great week everyone.



Comments on: "This week!" (14)

  1. What a busy week! My favourite poem is the late Charlotte Mitchell’s “Just in case” – sadly out of print, but I got permission from her daughter Candy to put it up on my blog:
    I’m trying to persuade Candy to republish all her mum’s poems, they are amazingly insightful about life.

    • I have just read this and loved it. Oh yes for a republish. I have printed it out and will take it with me next month. I so recognise myself in this poem. Thank you.

  2. What a nice week (wth the exception of that business about the US election outcome). If I were receiving a handmade Secret Santa gift, I think I’d want an apron . . . are aprons part of your plan?

    • Good idea. I have an apron pattern and wondered about it. I am never without an apron myself being a very messy sort of a person. I think this will happen now. Thank you Kerry

  3. My favourite poems are The old astronomer to his pupil by Sarah Williams and Ode by Arthur O’Shaugnessy (I’m certain I spelt that wrong).

  4. You have had quite a busy week with much to look forward toward. As for me, my world came to a halt Wednesday morning. I stopped functioning for 3 days until my daughter came to make me leave the house for awhile. My heart is heavy and I’m frightened. It feels like a shroud has been pulled over our country. No projects seem to call to me and so many need doing. Hopefully, time will heal.

    • Hello, I’ve just seen your comment here, and felt I wanted you to know I share your shock and horror (and I don’t even live in the USA!) It was easy to forget, at first, that so many votes weren’t for him, and so many people didn’t vote at all – so the world’s thoughts are with those of you who also didn’t want him. From what I’ve read lately, he seems to have made a few good appointments, and also toned down a lot of the more right-wing propositions. I hope so. Time will heal. xxx

      • Thank you for stopping by and for your understanding. Most people in this country, as in yours, only want to live quiet, peaceful lives with a roof over their head and food in their stomachs. I can’t watch the television anymore because his face is everywhere. It’s not a pleasant face. I’m hoping for the best in all of this.

  5. Sounds like a lovely ordinary week to me. Beautiful pic of the jasmine.

  6. What an interesting week! The poem I always think of this time of year is “Spring and Fall” by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

  7. Your ‘chaps with beards’ made me laugh – I think everybody would immediately recognise the type you mean. A lovely ‘ordinary’ week – who wants drama? I don’t tend to read poetry for fun very often so can’t offer any suggestions there but I enjoyed the Charlotte Mitchell one recommended above.

  8. So busy! I wish I had the energy to make a christmas cake…love them 🙂

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