Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Photo Challenge- Hunt

The feral cats of Greece hunt for their food in the restaurants.



Pictures taken on the island of Thasos September 2016.

And because you can’t have too many cat photos, here’s four more.





Cute hey?

Next week’s prompt is socks!

Happy Snapping!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Hunt" (10)

  1. Poor little kitties – what a tough life they must have! And yes, you can never have too many cat pics!

  2. So many kitties! I like the two striped ones walking together. And they all look as if the hunting is good there!

  3. Interesting, and the cats are so cute ♥

  4. They all look in good condition and I suppose there are worse places for a cat to be feral.

  5. I remember lots of feral cats when we went to Greece (Rhodes and Crete). The kittens as always are so cute!!

  6. Love the cats xx so adorable. Good luck with the socks

  7. Socks! Even though we compiled the list, and they are all set out in advance, some subjects take me completely by surprise!
    Cats do hunt! Feral cats give me the eeby-jeebies, but your other photos are so cute.

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