Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week.

This week I should write a 16 for 2016 update, but there isn’t one really! I think I have achieved all that I am going to achieve from this years list. I will do a round-up in December. I am thinking hard about  a 17 for 2017 list.

The weather changed this week, big time. It’s colder and wetter now. The wood burning stove has been lit daily. One afternoon I lit it about 2pm. I cutched down on the sofa with a mug of tea and some crochet and life felt very good indeed.

Now that I am volunteering at the library my walking tally has improved. The car park is limited to a mere 90 minutes. Ok if you are shopping, but no good for a library two-hour shift , so I have been walking down. This week I helped put up a display for the BBC’s Love to Read campaign. I had to select books I had enjoyed. A most pleasant task.

Tuesday the weather was chilly but the sky was blue so I set off on a country walk.


This is Cawthorne Roman camps. These were three temporary Roman camp sites used by the Romans for training purposes. If you look to the left below the tree line you will see the rampart. I was drawn into the middle by a splash of red which turned out to be brambles.


Who knew a bramble leaf could be so pretty. The reason the camps were here is that you can see for miles around.


Right across the North York Moors.


And in the other direction down towards the lake.

I have started to think about Christmas, gifts, decorations etc, as I guess we all have. (Well not Mr E, he starts to think about it at 4pm on Christmas Eve. )I had a trip out to York. It wasn’t very satisfactory. I had in mind some things for the grandchildren and I needed some new shoes. Well maybe not NEED need but need. You know. Anyway the shops were out of the sizes for everything I had looked at. So back home and onto the computer for some on line shopping. I really really really want to buy stuff in proper shops, I hate the idea of a town centre with nothing more than estate agents and nail bars, but if they can’t get stocking levels right before Christmas just what can you do? Buy the wrong size? No wonder M&S are closing stores, they were one of the worst offenders. And yes I did manage to order everything on line. However, York was lovely as ever.


The Minster! I mentioned crochet didn’t I? The three blankets are all joined now, just the borders to complete. It has been a real pleasure working with Rachel’s blocks. It reminded me that what I had wanted to do after crocheting my way through the 200 crochet blocks book, was actually make a blanket using just some of the blocks. So I have chosen  four colours.


Yarn is Stylecraft DK. I am going to make the Art Deco blanket , if you have got the book. Just one more thing on the crochet front, have a look at Jenny’s blog on Simply Hooked. She makes some lovely things!

As I finish here , the sky is grey,it’s raining, it’s cold and it’s not yet 3pm. Time to make a brew and light that fire.

Have a good week!


Comments on: "This week." (12)

  1. Sounds like an extraordinary week – those perspectives! Radiant! The harvest time here has been the best..

  2. … “make a brew and light that fire” … The best we can do! 🙂 Stay warm and dry. Regula

  3. I wish I could do more shopping local, but this year, with a surgery recovery, I see more online shopping for me.

  4. It’s a mere 7 degrees here today and I’ve worn my coat with the big furry trimmed hood – feels like it’s time now!

  5. Your life these days sounds very satisfying and cozy!

  6. It’s a shame the shops can’t get their act together for Christmas – I suppose it’s a vicious circle with people buying online so the shops offer reduced stock, then people can’t get what they want, so they buy online, etc. etc. I love York, I spent a week at summer school at the University when I did my degree. Then I went back some years later for a shopping trip and got my purse stolen on the train on the way up 😦

  7. I really enjoy reading your 16 for 2016 🙂 Congrats for completing them and looking forward to the 17 series !

  8. Lovely stories and images Cathy. AS an old History teacher I loved the little snippet on the Roman training camp.

  9. Love these colors, and your beautiful photos; thanks for taking us along!

  10. jessicacrafts said:

    Ah. Very annoying about the shops not having the right sizes.
    I love the colours you’ve picked for the Art Deco blanket. I can picture those in an Art Deco style.

  11. Gorgeous skies you have. Just lovely.

  12. Sounds like a great week – those views! Glorious! The autumn here has been the best I can remember, the colours particularly gorgeous. I enjoyed hearing about your week – (apart from any mention of Christmas that is! I only ‘do’ Christmas every other year and this year is my year off – hurray!!!) Loving your colours for your Art Deco blanket. Congrats on fulfilling all the targets you want to on your 16 for 16 list. Have another brilliant week Cathy! ❤

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