Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Beauty in Decay!

I think that there is beauty in decay. There is just a certain something about end of things, whether the thing is natural or manmade.


The fallen leaves of Autumn.


An old tree stump, gradually decomposing.


The toadstools and mushrooms which thrive on this process. All have a beauty of their own. So to do manmade things.


This was the book given to me last week. I am not permitted to show pictures from the inside, but wouldn’t you just to love to explore this building. It is a wonderful book by the way. The pictures are stunning.

In Greece beauty is all around. The island fishing harbours , the countryside, the food, the churches. Spoilt for choice really. However, I also love the abandoned , and have as much pleasure in taking these photographs as taking the pretty ones. See if you agree that there is beauty in manmade decay.


Chair by the road. No? What about


a boat by the road?


A gate, maybe?


A door?


Peeling paint on a wall?


An abandoned gazebos?


Or an empty restaurant? My favourite is the wall. What do you think? Is it just me?

The book is available here







Comments on: "Beauty in Decay!" (12)

  1. I love it all too. The decaying leaves, buildings, boats and all the rest. Yes, there is beauty in it all.

  2. Oh, there’s absolutely beauty in madmade decay — especially when it hasn’t been defaced by spraypaint!

  3. It’s not just you. I love the turquoise Verdigris that forms on old brass items.

  4. Nature’s decay definitely as that’s actually renewal, but the items left by the roadside is just rubbish in my opinion. My favourite of the man-made lot is the house as you get a real look in to how the plaster covers the lovely stones.

  5. I do think there’s beauty in all these photos–it’s more complicated beauty, with undertones of something darker, but the photos say more to me than simple pretty pictures do.

  6. Beautiful images and story Cathy.

  7. That book looks great. Love your pictures as well, especially the door!

  8. What a fascinating collection of photographs!

  9. Lovely photos!

  10. I like the boat and the door.:)

  11. Not just you! I too love the beauty in the ageing/decaying process. Especially rust. But people too. There is a story there a beginning, middle and end. Hatches, matches and despatches. It is some of what draws me to collecting ‘stuff’, especially from beaches. Gorgeous pictures, and I am going to look up that book – looks wonderful!

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