Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!


I have crocheted the first laptop blanket together using left over yarn that Rachel sent me. ( Please see the post This Week for an explanation of why I was gifted these blocks). I am now on the second blanket. I figure if I do all three first then see what yarn remains as I would like to finish all three with at least one row of DCs ( SCs US Term).


More tinsel yarn. Part of me feels that I really should not like this yarn. It’s so unlike anything I normally use. But it is such FUN. Each little creation just makes me smile when it’s finished. This one is staying home with me though.  Any guesses as to who it is? ( The Owl is on my needles next Mrs Daffodil!)

Onto the letter O in my read through the alphabet challenge.I have read books by Maggie O’Farrell before and I just knew I would love this one too , and I do. Q is homing into sight. I checked the library yesterday and there is just half a shelf of authors beginning with Q. I was surprised there were any. P was easy, more on that next week.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn along


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (17)

  1. The blanket is gorgeous ♥

  2. Wow Mrs Speedy! They’ve sat in bags on my Little Room bed for a while – ahem – and now already they’re a thing, not a pile! It’s lovely to see them used. I hope they don’t get shrunk or felted though, a care home won’t have time to care much about cashmerino yarn, but it’s much better that they’re used than not. Is little F going to have one blanket to keep her warm at night?

    • I think she will have one. I won’t be able to resist!. The one I am doing now is very purply. The next one more pink and I think that will have her name on it. I shall attach washing lables to them and give Mrs T dire therats and warnings if she shrinks Littls Miss F’s. Did I mention MrE thinks he should have one for sofa snuggling? I just can’t get over how neat all your blocks are, where did the ends go to?

      • Aww that’s nice, I’d love her to have one.
        That would be nice too! One for Mr E, one for Miss F and one for the care home – that would make me very happy. BUT it’s your call, they didn’t come with any strings attached at all.
        Keep praising my crochet – It’s lovely! But I was still new to it when we did my CAL so that’s an especially nice compliment.

  3. PS: I listened to the audio version of this book, it took a while to get into it but I did enjoy getting to know the family.

    • The only thing is the chapters are very long and I like to finish one before I turn the light off at night. Apart from that , it’s a jolly good read.

  4. The laptop looks cozy and warm. How can you not smile while using the tinsel yarn?

  5. I love the colours in that blanket!

  6. That tinsel yarn is FAB! I’m looking forward to seeing what a gold owl looks like. The laptop is wonderful – very cosy.

  7. Gosh that was quick! Took me much longer to join my squares.

  8. Great arrangement of those blocks. It looks perfect. No clue what the current tinsel yarn animal is! LOL

  9. Are you making a little snowman with the tinsel now? The lap blanket turned out great–and you did it so quickly!

  10. Fabulous colours in your lap blanket and lovely design too 😃

  11. Is it a little Santa? I saw some patterns online for the tinsel yarn the other day and the santas looked so cute I was almost tempted.

  12. Tinsel yarn? The very thought of it makes me feel all Christmassy:)

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