Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week!

I was told it takes two years to recover after paid work and now I know what was meant. Let’s see if I can convey what life in so-called retirement now looks like  two years in.

There’s time to appreciate nature.


The changing seasons and beautiful sunsets.


Time to stop for lunch when you have gone sofa shopping again. ( We started this back in the January sales of you remember. We couldn’t agree.  Finally a sort of compromise was reached with Mr E. He would choose one and I would choose another. The one I choose was delivered back in June. He has finally made his choice.) I digress. Lunch.


The Humble Pie in Erlby.


Just loved the interior, and my food.


Chicken Caesar salad. I love the chicken salt pot. The fish milk jug was cute but messy. OK so it was me that was messy.

There’s  time for baking


Rosemary biscuits. And for processing the last of the greenhouse crop.


I was gifted these apples by a lady at the family history group.


Multi purpose apples as they can be eaten raw or cooked and then  eaten. I made Eve’s pudding(apple sponge) and have enough left over for some apple flapjacks.


And gardening. Bags of crocus, daffodils and tulip bulbs from the local nursery to plant.

And then the unexpected. Four years ago when I started this blog I joined a CAL organised by Rachel

We worked our way through the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I created this.

6.11.13 005

A gorgeous garden inspired blanket. It came back to me this year for some repairs. Anyway long story short, Rachel completed her blocks but other projects came along and she didn’t join her blocks together. This week she gifted them to me.


All of them. Oh boy do her crochet skills knock mine into a tin hat. She is so good. They are so neat. These won’t come undone. They are lovely. Rachel is left-handed. Do have a look at her blog if you aren’t familiar with it already.Lots of information for the left handed hooker. I had a happy afternoon sorting the blocks into three piles to make three lap blankets.




Two, sorry about the blur


And three. I plan to then gift the finished blankets to a care home where I know they will really be appreciated. Thanks again Rachel.

So that’s just a week in retirement, and of course the washing , ironing, cooking ,cleaning and yarning along!

Wonder what next week will bring? What will your week bring?

Have a great weekend.


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  1. […] crocheted together into blankets and are now just awaiting borders. I posted them up north to Nana Cathy whom we had the pleasure of meeting last Spring. Fantastic – I organised a Crochet Along, […]

  2. Oh I do like the sound of retirement 😊

  3. I love to iron too! Maybe because when I was a kid, my mom didn’t like to iron and paid me to do it — 5 cents a shirt! That added up to real money quickly. 🙂
    I love all these crochet squares, especially the ones that have dots of other colors. I like how you’ve sorted them, too!

  4. They say that your busier than ever when you retire, it sounds as though you have been but in lovely ways 😀xx

  5. My life sounds a lot like yours as I have a lot of time to myself, only teaching sewing for four hours each week. I make The Boys do their own ironing now though, so I’ve only got mine to do! I love how you both chose your own sofas and think you’re very brave – no way would I give hubby a say on our interior décor or it would be all black leather and chrome!

    • Good for you. I eventually taught my three sons to iron. Just as well as their ladies don’t seem to know one end of an iron from another. I have seen my sons set off to work and they look so smart it was worth the effort.

  6. I think I want to retire too 😀 I love visiting with you, your photography makes me feel like I’m right there…. enjoy the good days🌺

  7. What a lovely lovely post. Doing my best to bring as much retirement into my life as I can 😉

  8. I love the story and images . I am at this stage in life too Cathy, the biggest problem I have now paid work has been farewelled is sorting out what to do from such a huge list. At 20 months I have just begun to clear the air and settle and then there are so many distractions. But its great to do what you want to when and how you want to.

    • Absolutly Denis. I had such a back log of things to do, nice things I was like a person on a mission to do it all straightaway. I have calmed down a lot now.

  9. What a fab week! My tea has been decided after seeing you seeing salad, though I’ve only feta and no fresh parmesan. Love the big blanket you did, and really admire your friends work. I’m gonna check out that book, I’ve tried to make blankets from squares before but get bored, this looks much more fun! 😀

  10. You are using your retirement so well and fully! I hope you’re enjoying it–it looks like you are. I hadn’t seen your crocheted blanket before and love it–and will look forward too seeing those other blocks coming together. And I, for one, LOVE ironing and see how that can be a positive aspect in a retired life!

    • At last someone who gets the ironing! I hate my ironing board and have hated it for 42 years, but it still works!

      • I actually went out and bought quite an expensive ironing board. It went against my frugal nature but I can honestly say it was worth every cent!

  11. You really seem to have taken to retirement! I agree with others though – ditch the ironing. It’s amazing how few items actually need ironing if you’re quick with getting them out of the washing machine, onto the line and then folded. My iron sees most action when I’m pressing patchwork blocks or making clothes although I do have to break it out once every couple of weeks to do my husband’s work shirts.

    • But I quite like ironing! I am pretty fast too. Ironing husbands work shirts and three boys school shirts means I got lots of practice! And yes I love being retired. The thought of going back to paid work sends the shudders down me!

  12. What a fabulous week! I love looking at your photos:) The squares are all gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see what you do next week:)

  13. Glad to hear what is happening with Rachel’s squares. I had got the idea she wasn’t going to find time to join them together. 🙂

  14. Reblogged this on JenGary New Adventures and commented:
    Oh! Please read all the way through and look up the Humble Pie Cafe! We fell in love!

  15. Could we come for a visit and stay with you and go to the Humble Pie :))))) Your whole article made us want to walk around, meeting new people and feeling and knowing they accept us as tourists from Nashville,TN and not minding. We have not quite got to retirement age yet, but close to 50 and and excited to travel. I looked up Humble Pie Cafe and fell in love and got so hungry. I also had to look up Chicken Salt Pot, salt shaker,right?! Thank you sharing :))) Jen Oh! and the apples, bulbs in a bag, blocks to make a blanket…….!!!!!!!

  16. I agree with Margaret, stop ironing! Start folding. A lovely week, gasping at all those amazing squares. You are sure to make some lovely lap blankets.

  17. Ironing? Ironing? Retirement’s way too much fun to spend time on ironing!

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