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Yarn Along and a winner!

The winner of the Owl


is Sharon at Creativity and Family. Please email me you address and I will make sure he is flying your way!

The tinsel yarn obsession knitting continues with some Halloween fun.


One spider and a pumpkin. This yarn (King Cole Chunky Tinsel) has really put the fun back into knitting! And it’s not over yet, oh no… more later. Meantime I have made some slight progress with the cable cardigan. The front is proving much easier to manage , less repeats so less chance of my loosing concentration.


I finished the Taxidermist’s daughter by Kate Mosse and it did get rather gruesome, not for the faint hearted. So on my Read through the alphabet challenge I reached N. There is a distinct paucity of authors whose surname begins with an N. In the library a mere one shelf, compared to authors beginning with C who have six shelves. I had never heard of any of the N writers available in the library, and so choose this book, because a, it wasn’t too long if I didn’t like it, b, I liked the cover, c, it is a volume of short stories so surely I would like some of them, d, the blurb on the back looked promising and finally , e, I didn’t like the look of any of the others.

The reason I started this challenge was to remind myself of authors I loved but had forgotten and more importantly to find new authors. Stuart Nadler  really ticks this box for me. The book is called The Book of Life. The stories concern ordinary people dealing with ordinary life events, love, death, marriage, children, empty nest syndrome etc and each one has moved me. I love it. This one book has made this rather ridiculous challenge of mine absolutely worth while!

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Comments on: "Yarn Along and a winner!" (6)

  1. The tinsel yarn isn’t really to my taste but you are sure making cute items from it! And I am always interested in your alphabet reading plan!

  2. Congratulations Sharon! Love your Halloween creations 😊🎃

  3. The owl is absolutely adorable!! Love the Halloween characters as well. They look like they are having a good time. I’ve been reading new to me authors lately as well. I’ve never thought about doing it alphabetically. Book Bub sends me a new list everyday of books being offered via e-book to read on my tablet at a bargain. I’ve found some lovely books lately.

  4. When you get to T do have a look at Anne Tyler. I think I’ve read pretty much everything she’s written.

    • Thanks JaneyB, I have read her in past and I so hope one of hers is there when the time comes. Thanks for the recommendation. Q is going to be fun!

      • The Accidental Tourist is probably my favourite Anne Tyler but there are plenty to choose from. Yes, Q will be a challenge!

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