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Photo Challenge- Button

If I have a weakness

I have a weakness for buttons. Can’t resist them.  I don’t even try to resist them.

Oh dash it! Recent purchase of buttons


Next week’s prompt is a complete Mystery to me.

Happy Snapping, and do please pretty please share lots of gorgeous button pictures via the comments box. Because I do like a nice button, or two.

Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Button" (14)

  1. I love all those little buttons! Especially the owls…or is that the rabbits…maybe the sheep? Whatever will you do with them? And here is my submission: https://letthesewingbegin.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/photo-challenge-button/

  2. It’s like fabric for me. Too pretty to leave behind even though I don’t know (yet) what I’m going to do with it. Love the buttons. Have a few of my own. 🙂

  3. There was a special flea market for sewists and crafters last Sunday and there was a woman there with vintage buttons. I got stuck at that stand for so long just gawping at them all that Mr. Tialys managed to go round the rest of the market and I was still there. My favourite of your purchases is definitely those rabbits.

  4. I feel your addiction to buttons. They are totally irresistible

  5. The sheep are adorable. 🙂

  6. Can never have too many buttons. Fortunately they don’t take up too much space. Your knitted village has a very Irish feel to it!

  7. Aw! Cute. Especially those sheep.

  8. This post would cause my husband grief as he is phobic about buttons! A pity as, like you, I love them – and have big button tins full of them. Your new buttons are lovely, and I can well understand why you were tempted by them – sure you’ll find a lovely project just right for them one day 🙂

  9. What cute buttons! Nice buttons aren’t cheap though are they? Can work out quite pricey for a cardiagn.

  10. Ha! Ha! Cute Buttons. xx

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