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This Week!

Despite life’s little troubles the good life in retirement continues. I have been lending moral suppport to a friend this week whose Mum (91) is in hospital with a chest infection. Her prognosis looks good.

So…  I had one of these this week.


With some  of these


The first of three bouquets as it happens. Gorgeous. And some presents including these


The top book is for the poetry group I have just started to attend. I’ll write another post about the other book later.


I chose to go for a walk as the day was mild. We went to the forest and up to the Bridestones.


Signs that it is Autumn  everywhere. Just where does all the fungi come from?


There is something very other worldly about fungi I always think.


Afterwards we went to the New Inn in Thornton Dale for lunch. I love the sandwiches and salad (ok the chips) there. As it so happens my short-lived career as a waitress was here. At just the time this was written!


It was then ruled over by a temporary manager who went by the name of Mrs Driscoll aka the Dragon.

I lasted three days. Fortunately just a holiday job. I became a child walker after that. Literally I took two children a walk every afternoon whilst their Mum had a nap!


One of my sons used to have a girlfriend who asked to be taken to an Emmerdale type pub every time she came North. I guess the New Inn meets that criteria too.


Thornton Dale Village Green. Couldn’t resist the colours. We had an evening meal out too, but I forgot the camera.


Unbelievably that is our  garden  this week. The weather is mild and long may it continue. So mild in fact a


Lupin has reappeared! What the ??? So no excuses for not being outside pruning and tidying up.


Think we should go to the tip, but Mr E is all for having a bonfire.

One more treat this week


A trip to the theatre. Now I know I have said this before,  but the Northern Broadsides ( based in Halifax, West Yorkshire) are brilliant. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  And maybe they will come to a theatre near you. Link here- http://www.northern-broadsides.co.uk/

Hope you have all had a good week. Be really happy if you leave a link to a post about your week, or tell me what you have been up too.

Have a super weekend.

Yarn Along!


I have crocheted the first laptop blanket together using left over yarn that Rachel sent me. ( Please see the post This Week for an explanation of why I was gifted these blocks). I am now on the second blanket. I figure if I do all three first then see what yarn remains as I would like to finish all three with at least one row of DCs ( SCs US Term).


More tinsel yarn. Part of me feels that I really should not like this yarn. It’s so unlike anything I normally use. But it is such FUN. Each little creation just makes me smile when it’s finished. This one is staying home with me though.  Any guesses as to who it is? ( The Owl is on my needles next Mrs Daffodil!)

Onto the letter O in my read through the alphabet challenge.I have read books by Maggie O’Farrell before and I just knew I would love this one too , and I do. Q is homing into sight. I checked the library yesterday and there is just half a shelf of authors beginning with Q. I was surprised there were any. P was easy, more on that next week.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn along

Photo Challenge- Zigzag

This has been a tough challenge. I thought my best effort was going to be this.


Molehills! And then, inspiration struck and I crossed continents. To San Francisco.


Now there’s a zigzag! Lombard Street. Picture taken in 2012.

Please leave a link for any Zigzag picture you have in the comments below.

Next week’s prompt is Monster.

Happy Snapping!

This week!

I was told it takes two years to recover after paid work and now I know what was meant. Let’s see if I can convey what life in so-called retirement now looks like  two years in.

There’s time to appreciate nature.


The changing seasons and beautiful sunsets.


Time to stop for lunch when you have gone sofa shopping again. ( We started this back in the January sales of you remember. We couldn’t agree.  Finally a sort of compromise was reached with Mr E. He would choose one and I would choose another. The one I choose was delivered back in June. He has finally made his choice.) I digress. Lunch.


The Humble Pie in Erlby.


Just loved the interior, and my food.


Chicken Caesar salad. I love the chicken salt pot. The fish milk jug was cute but messy. OK so it was me that was messy.

There’s  time for baking


Rosemary biscuits. And for processing the last of the greenhouse crop.


I was gifted these apples by a lady at the family history group.


Multi purpose apples as they can be eaten raw or cooked and then  eaten. I made Eve’s pudding(apple sponge) and have enough left over for some apple flapjacks.


And gardening. Bags of crocus, daffodils and tulip bulbs from the local nursery to plant.

And then the unexpected. Four years ago when I started this blog I joined a CAL organised by Rachel

We worked our way through the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I created this.

6.11.13 005

A gorgeous garden inspired blanket. It came back to me this year for some repairs. Anyway long story short, Rachel completed her blocks but other projects came along and she didn’t join her blocks together. This week she gifted them to me.


All of them. Oh boy do her crochet skills knock mine into a tin hat. She is so good. They are so neat. These won’t come undone. They are lovely. Rachel is left-handed. Do have a look at her blog if you aren’t familiar with it already.Lots of information for the left handed hooker. I had a happy afternoon sorting the blocks into three piles to make three lap blankets.




Two, sorry about the blur


And three. I plan to then gift the finished blankets to a care home where I know they will really be appreciated. Thanks again Rachel.

So that’s just a week in retirement, and of course the washing , ironing, cooking ,cleaning and yarning along!

Wonder what next week will bring? What will your week bring?

Have a great weekend.


Autumn Walk

We had a lovely outing today full of glorious Autumn colours at the Yorkshire Arboretum


Thought you might like to come along too.




and these


and this


and this grand old gent who guards the beehives.


It was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We have been so busy with this and that and more this and that, I have been a bit negligent with my blog. Hoping to make amends in the weeks to come. Meantime I have Bake Off to catch up with….


Yarn Along and a winner!

The winner of the Owl


is Sharon at Creativity and Family. Please email me you address and I will make sure he is flying your way!

The tinsel yarn obsession knitting continues with some Halloween fun.


One spider and a pumpkin. This yarn (King Cole Chunky Tinsel) has really put the fun back into knitting! And it’s not over yet, oh no… more later. Meantime I have made some slight progress with the cable cardigan. The front is proving much easier to manage , less repeats so less chance of my loosing concentration.


I finished the Taxidermist’s daughter by Kate Mosse and it did get rather gruesome, not for the faint hearted. So on my Read through the alphabet challenge I reached N. There is a distinct paucity of authors whose surname begins with an N. In the library a mere one shelf, compared to authors beginning with C who have six shelves. I had never heard of any of the N writers available in the library, and so choose this book, because a, it wasn’t too long if I didn’t like it, b, I liked the cover, c, it is a volume of short stories so surely I would like some of them, d, the blurb on the back looked promising and finally , e, I didn’t like the look of any of the others.

The reason I started this challenge was to remind myself of authors I loved but had forgotten and more importantly to find new authors. Stuart Nadler  really ticks this box for me. The book is called The Book of Life. The stories concern ordinary people dealing with ordinary life events, love, death, marriage, children, empty nest syndrome etc and each one has moved me. I love it. This one book has made this rather ridiculous challenge of mine absolutely worth while!

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Autumn

“Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness….

And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.”

From “To Autumn” by John Keats


Photo taken September 2016 from our front garden.

Please leave a link to your Autumn picture.

Next weekss prompt is ZIGZAG, and I haven’t a clue what to photograph.

Good Luck! Happy Snapping!


Yarn Along and Giveaway!

First of all a little Giveaway. I am having so much fun with the King Cole Tinsel Yarn I decided to make this little cutie and offer her as a Giveaway.


Please let me know if you would like to give her a loving home, by leaving a comment. The giveaway is open till 8am BST on Wednesday 19 October, and I will announce the winner later that day.


Hurrah, I have finished the back of the scary cable cardigan I am making for my granddaughter. This is the start of the left front. The orange thing, well that is part of my next King Cole Tinsel creation. Any ideas what it’s going to be?

Continuing my personal Read through the Alphabet challenge I have now reached M and the wonderful Kate Mosse. A suitable gothic tale for this time of year.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Mystery


So just what is down here?


Secret tunnel at Fountains Abbey.

Please leave a link to your Mysterious photographs in the comments.

Next weeks prompt is Autumn.

Happy Snapping.


Yarn Along!

Thanks so much to everyone who left comments last week, about the knitted village. I took your advice and wrapped it up individually and carfeully put it into bags to be opened in a certain order.


So what happened? Did Little Miss F like it? She opened the blanket bit first and gave a great whoop of joy and put Cinderella to bed under it.

Sometime later she opened the rest of it.


Cinderella’s new blanket is a big hit!!


So it’s back to the white cable cardigan which requires my total concentration. I have already made two mistakes, but one I didn’t notice for weeks and is so far down that if I have frog back to it I know it will be the end of the project. So now I regard it as a wearable training project!

L is for Marina Lewycka. I loved her first book and her second book and in my opinion this one is the best of the lot. Plot summary- what happens to a group of people and their grown up children after their life in a 1980’s commune. Very funny in parts.

But wait, who is this?


Not as Mr E said a hamster in a christmas decoration but a hedgehog. Yarn is King Cole Tinsel. Such fun to make. And an antidote to scary cable pattern.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along

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