Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Photo Challenge- Deep


Gormire Lake viewed from Sutton Bank. James Herriot called the view from here the finest view in England. And you don’t get much deeper than bottomless!

Please leave a link to your Deep photographs in the comments. Sandra from Wild Daffodil will do a weekly round up on her blog.

Next week’s prompt is ABOVE.

You don’t need an all singing and dancing camera or be a super whizz with photography to join in, this is just for the fun of getting out and about and viewing the world through the camera. What is so incredibly marvellous is seeing how differently we all interpret a prompt. Full list available of the prompts on the photo challenge page.

Do join us, Good Luck and Happy Snapping!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Deep" (21)

  1. Great legend – wouldn’t it be fab if it was proven?

  2. A beautiful image and a great story . I remain a James Herriot fan or should I say Alf Wight. I knew his real name way back in the 1970’s early in the v series here in Australia when the Canteen Manageress at my school shared her stories about working with him when she was employed by the ministry of agriculture. And she was a genuine Yorkshire lass as she would say.

  3. Nothing better on a clear day than the view from the top of the bank. Facinated by the lake story, could it be true??

  4. What a view, beautiful capture!

  5. That’s a kind of creepy story, about the town, but the lake is still beautiful!

  6. That view is stunning! Your photo would make a perfect postcard:)

  7. Love Gormire Lake. Nice photo!

  8. Gosh! can you really see rooftops or is that all part of the legend?

  9. I’d never heard of that lake before – I wonder how deep it really is. You’d think somebody would have sent divers down by now to prove or disprove the legend – or maybe they have. Great photo in any case and a lovely glimpse of England’s green and pleasant land.

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