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16 for 2016- August

This month is a blur. Don’t really know how it went so quick. But it did. Time to review I think.

16 swims achieved and I am still going weekly.

15- had a big think about the walking malarkey. How come the swimming goal worked but the walking one didn’t? So I decided to change the walking goal and make the walk goal  thus – 15 walks in 15 weeks. And Hurrah, it’s working. 5 weeks of walks done.

Wales- Aug 2016 014

With my baby brother walking his dogs in the Brecon Beacons. There’s another one somewhere. Yes he is crazy enough to have 5 dogs. Apparently he now thinks that is too many!!

14 lbs lost another goal off track. It was 8, but now it’s just 6. Whoops. Time to focus I think.

13 Outings- Achieved already.

12 Cookery posts just 5 so far. Another whoops!

11 Flower pictures-Achieved. Bet you are tired of my flowers, so there aren’t any in this post! Have another walk  instead.

Lastingham 13.8.16 007

A moorland walk with Mr E.

10 handmade cards – stalled at 9

9 garden posts- 3 this month, oh my, that makes the 9- Achieved.

8 stash/kit busting projects- Achieved already

7 sewing/ embroidery projects. Total is  now 7, so achieved. I have just sent this cushion off to my grandson Master T.

sutton bank 23.8.16 030


sutton bank 23.8.16 031


6 acts of kindness- Achieved already.

5 Non Fiction books- I completed the 6 week online genealogy course last week. Thoroughly enjoyable. It has totally rekindled my interest in family history. It gave me the confidence to visit the County Records Office and view the minutes of the Board of Governors to Pickering Workhouse. I actually read about the appointment of my Gt Grandfather as their clerk, and gleamed an idea of the tasks which fell to his lot. Hoping to go back to read some more. Anyway the course is counting as 1, so that makes 4.

4 Projects to improve my knitting/crochet- stuck at 3

3 Things from my bucket list- Achieved already

2 Railway journeys- Achieved

1 Bus journey= Achieved

0 Magazines bought. Still ZERO

This is not going so badly after all. How are your goals going for the year? Changing the subject- Are black sheep as lucky as black cats do you think?

Lastingham 13.8.16 011

Just love him.



Comments on: "16 for 2016- August" (7)

  1. So, you’ve already done 11 of your goals?! That’s amazing! And you’re well on the way to achieving others . . . or letting them go, if that seems to make more sense! I haven’t set yearly goals–I’m more of a day-by-day girl, I guess. But I do feel my year has been productive!

  2. Well done on your goals… And yes I reckon a black sheep is good luck! 🙂

  3. You seem to be getting on well with your list. Getting the garden done was enough for me and the whole project won’t be finished this year anyway.

  4. Congratulations on all your achievements!
    (Love that pillow!)

  5. I have been knocking out my to do list which is quite different from your 16 for 16. But it feels good to have things accomplished non the less. I love the black sheep and yes, I think they are lucky. I don’t believe in bad luck anyway. 🙂 Thanks for the close up view. I had no idea what they were in the other photo. Love your pillow. You are doing a good job of accomplishing your goals. Have a wonderfilled weekend.

  6. Cathy – you are doing brilliantly! There is still plenty of time to catch up on the cooking and other things. I do love that cushion. I like the way you altered the walking challenge to suit – sounds like it is working for you.

  7. I don’t set myself goals, but I’m happy to cheer you along with your achievments ^^

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