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End of Summer Garden!

Strictly speaking this should be August Garden Part 3, but that was going too far. Truth is I can’t keep up. These pictures were taken at the end of last week.

sutton bank 23.8.16 001

Finally my Hollyhock flowered. Why is it always months after everyone elses? I don’t know. But it is.

sutton bank 23.8.16 003

Mr E’s beloved dahlias, which it is my responsibilty apparently to plant out , water, nurture etc. Not my favourite plant at all. The things we do ……

sutton bank 23.8.16 004

My lovely Cosmos. I had never grown these before and I love them. Here in the bed we cleared of those orange things, day lilies I now know, growing by our dining room window. Thanks for identifying the lilies for me last time.

sutton bank 23.8.16 005

That’s the bed. Some more orange flowers to the left, we inherited those from the previous house owners, but these are delicate and pretty.

sutton bank 23.8.16 006

Globe thistle, also in the front, planted by yours truly this year. I love it.

sutton bank 23.8.16 007

The rose over the rose arch has had a second flush of blooms. So fragrant.

sutton bank 23.8.16 009

Had a big BIG tidy up round the pond, so I am happy to show it again.

The lady who lives at the back of us lost her little dog yesterday, it/she came into our garden. The dog had such a sweet face. Anyway, all our neighbour can normally see of our garden is the stonking big hedge. She came round the back and said OH HOW PRETTY, I LOVE YOUR GARDEN.

Oh My. Was my day made!

sutton bank 23.8.16 028

Bit more of the pond, through the tree. There are lots of little frogs from the pond now, the size of your thumb nail. So Dinky, I love them.

sutton bank 23.8.16 029

Look what Mr E did to my rockery and waterfall area. Just look at the hosepipe. Mr E has invested in a 3D printer. This is a good thing, because finally in retirement he has an occupation, and has stopped moping. He decided to print a gadget to use the hose pipe to channel water from one bit of the pond to another . Well it sort of works, but to be honest I’d prefer not to have that hosepipe THERE!

sutton bank 23.8.16 025

Back to the front garden. Bird table and the urn in the picture. I removed the ivy from the urn as it wasn’t thriving. This turned out to be a much MUCH harder job that I thought. Half an hour later it was out, as was all the soil. Now I did not know what was at the bottom of the urn, which shows I have never changed the soil in 15 years, which is clearly a bad thing. The ivy had formed a root , which for all the wolrd looked like a tap root. It was a good foot long and the width of a big carrot.

sutton bank 23.8.16 023

So now I have an empty urn. Should I put a liner in it do you think? There were no drainage stones over the hole, which goes right dwon through the stand, which doesn’t seem to be attached to the top.  Love to have some suggestions as to what to try in there, please.

Right, time for some more weeding.

Comments on: "End of Summer Garden!" (10)

  1. Lovely colouful garden but those delicate and pretty orange flowers (crocosmia) to the left of the picture which I am very fond of can be hard to get rid of.

  2. I’ve been enjoying your pictures for a while, but had to comment to you on the pleasure they’ve given me.

    Almost everything I’ve seen has brought back memories of the various gardens my hubby and I have made over the years, so it was wonderful to explore your’s in that way 🙂

    By the way, I’m not 100% certain, but I think the orange plant, on the left of your 4th picture, is Aubretia – we grew this, and the purple Montbretia, in one of our first gardens as a married couple, many moons ago 🙂

  3. Love that hollyhock – it was definitely worth waiting for 🙂

  4. An amazing spread of colour into Autumn Cathy.

  5. It all looks lush and happy and lovely! Your hollyhock really is late! I’ve already cut mine back for this season. Still, yours was worth the wait.

  6. Beautiful gardens I hope you spend hours enjoying (not just working in)! A huge tap root down the urn, hmm. Might be inclined to let it (urn, not root) weather until either I couldn’t stand it’s emptiness, or something comes to mind and gets popped in. Not much help, I’m afraid – sorry!
    [shhh–agree with you on that hose … 😉]

  7. My dad loved dahlias… I’ve never really seem the appeal myself, but now he’s no longer with us they do make me feel rather nostalgic!

  8. My goodness, you have had a busy time – but certainly a good return for all that effort – your garden looks lovely!

  9. My garden was sadly neglected this year. Maybe next summer I can get it to look more like the lush landscape you have there…but I doubt it. I put small rocks and a coffee filter at the bottom of all pots with no drainage holes and sometimes even the pots that have them. I hate ivy anywhere. Just too invasive. I am so glad to see fall come so I can get caught up before the next summers outside work. We had a tiny bit of rain this week and the bullfrogs were singing so loudly and with great cheer. 🙂

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