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Yarn Along!

I knitted the second cottage.


So there we have the complete Village Project.


Pattern is by a firm called Knitwell and the pattern is in a booklet called Oddments 558. I can’t find it on their webpage, but I have had it a very very very very very LONG time.

But wait..


Mary? Whatever is the matter? Your lamb?


On the Green and near the road. However did that happen? Boy Blue were you asleep?


Never! But who is that roaring down the road. Little Miss F in her car.


Stop Please Little Miss F.


And she did.


Phew said Little Boy Blue.


PHEW said Mary


Baa said the lamb.


Now how on earth do I wrap that lot for Little Miss F?

Figures are from the patterns of Jean Greenhowe


I am reading my way through the alphabet. I had reached an author beginning with J. I was reading Henry James and What Maisie Knew. Let’s just say I didn’t get on with this book. Me and Henry James just aren’t meant to be. After 200 pages I couldn’t face one more word. So I read the book I had chosen for K. The Secret Life of Bees. I had seen the film twice and loved it and I love this book. My favourite read this year.

So back to the library for a new letter J. Now this book was the only one I fancied and I didn’t have high hopes for it. Think Bridget Jones younger sister goes to Canada.  But I am really enjoying it, pure fantasy but with some interesting themes to make you think.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along


16 for 2016- September

It’s been a tough old month and I haven’t wanted to post much. My brother-in-law died. Very, very unexpectedly, whilst we were away. He was 67. Very healthy, barely a day’s illness. He ate sensibly, exercised regularly, cycled, was a Morris Dancer, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink to excess or take drugs, he did play a violin, and had a full and happy life. And then whilst out cycling to a supermarket, he had a massive stroke, and that was that. He leaves behind a widow, three children and three grand daughters. The funeral was last week. Whilst we were all in shock, he did have a top-notch send off with Morris Dancing and oh so much beautiful music. You can’t play violin with no less than three different groups and not have music at your wake. So there we are. A lesson to be learned- Live life  to the full, and enjoy every moment.

It was family flowers only, but each branch of the family provided ,via the florist,  a basket of plants which were joined together across the top of the coffin. Then we were all asked to take our basket home and plant the plants as a living memorial. I had the perfect places for our plants.




You may recognise both spots from my garden posts.

Knitting keeps you calm, but then you knew that. I have finally finished the Village Green Project, more on that tomorrow.

Beans galore have been frozen and tomatoes by the kilo consumed, mostly as soup.

Lots of walking too. So the 15 weeks of walks, total is now 9

And I made a card for my Grand daughter’s birthday. So that is 10 handmade cards – Achieved.


Not much of an update on individual goals. However, before our world went topsy-turvy  I had done some Big Thinking. This year my goals had all been about challenging myself, and as this has been quite successful I was ready to start some new things. I am so happy that I have been accepted as a library volunteer. Our local council has cut the library budget to the bone and from next April we will just have one paid librarian. So it’s a question of volunteer or loose it. I remember the day the library first opened when I was a child and going into a room Full of books and being told I could borrow them for free. How can I not volunteer -to  deprive children of that wonderful world of books, or stop the elderly from borrowing their large print books , no, not to be allowed,  I had to do it. So I have spent this morning there amongst ordance survey maps,don’t ask,  whilst happily chatting about books.

I have also joined the U3A, lifelong learning for oldies. So far I have been to a group for Family History. Am wondering about a poetry group perhaps?

And finally look what I won in the Simply Hooked giveaway


Isn’t he the most wonderful spider ever and I know a little boy who will love him, just in time for Halloween. Thank you Jenny.

Roll on October and a wonderful Autumn.



Photo Challenge- Above


Looking skywards in Edinburgh and


at the Early Birds at the American Museum in Bath.

Please leave a link for your Above photo in the comments.

Next week’s prompt is one of my favourites. BUTTONS


Photo Challenge- Deep


Gormire Lake viewed from Sutton Bank. James Herriot called the view from here the finest view in England. And you don’t get much deeper than bottomless!

Please leave a link to your Deep photographs in the comments. Sandra from Wild Daffodil will do a weekly round up on her blog.

Next week’s prompt is ABOVE.

You don’t need an all singing and dancing camera or be a super whizz with photography to join in, this is just for the fun of getting out and about and viewing the world through the camera. What is so incredibly marvellous is seeing how differently we all interpret a prompt. Full list available of the prompts on the photo challenge page.

Do join us, Good Luck and Happy Snapping!


Postcard from Greece- Thassos

Thassos is reputedly the Greek island from Homers Odyssey on which the Sirens lived,luring Odysseus into staying for many a year when he should have been going home. It’s our favourite Greek island, and we have been ten times now. We are not alone, we chatted to some people on the ferry leaving the island and this had been there 13th visit.

I have divided the pics across two posts. Enjoy!


Watching the sunset over the harbour.


Fishing boats in the morning.


Greek salad, iced coffee perhaps?


Olive wood


I love the pink!


Cockerels everywhere.


Sunset reflection.

Would this have lured you back do you think?


Photo Challenge- Rich

Two more from the Royal Yacht Britannia


The Queens’ bedroom. When you are as wealthy as the Queen there is no need for ostentation.


Except for State Banquets.

Next weeks’ prompt is DEEP.

Please leave a link to your Rich picture in the comments.

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Courage!

Edinburgh- July 2016 057

Sick Bay on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

16 for 2016- August

This month is a blur. Don’t really know how it went so quick. But it did. Time to review I think.

16 swims achieved and I am still going weekly.

15- had a big think about the walking malarkey. How come the swimming goal worked but the walking one didn’t? So I decided to change the walking goal and make the walk goal  thus – 15 walks in 15 weeks. And Hurrah, it’s working. 5 weeks of walks done.

Wales- Aug 2016 014

With my baby brother walking his dogs in the Brecon Beacons. There’s another one somewhere. Yes he is crazy enough to have 5 dogs. Apparently he now thinks that is too many!!

14 lbs lost another goal off track. It was 8, but now it’s just 6. Whoops. Time to focus I think.

13 Outings- Achieved already.

12 Cookery posts just 5 so far. Another whoops!

11 Flower pictures-Achieved. Bet you are tired of my flowers, so there aren’t any in this post! Have another walk  instead.

Lastingham 13.8.16 007

A moorland walk with Mr E.

10 handmade cards – stalled at 9

9 garden posts- 3 this month, oh my, that makes the 9- Achieved.

8 stash/kit busting projects- Achieved already

7 sewing/ embroidery projects. Total is  now 7, so achieved. I have just sent this cushion off to my grandson Master T.

sutton bank 23.8.16 030


sutton bank 23.8.16 031


6 acts of kindness- Achieved already.

5 Non Fiction books- I completed the 6 week online genealogy course last week. Thoroughly enjoyable. It has totally rekindled my interest in family history. It gave me the confidence to visit the County Records Office and view the minutes of the Board of Governors to Pickering Workhouse. I actually read about the appointment of my Gt Grandfather as their clerk, and gleamed an idea of the tasks which fell to his lot. Hoping to go back to read some more. Anyway the course is counting as 1, so that makes 4.

4 Projects to improve my knitting/crochet- stuck at 3

3 Things from my bucket list- Achieved already

2 Railway journeys- Achieved

1 Bus journey= Achieved

0 Magazines bought. Still ZERO

This is not going so badly after all. How are your goals going for the year? Changing the subject- Are black sheep as lucky as black cats do you think?

Lastingham 13.8.16 011

Just love him.



End of Summer Garden!

Strictly speaking this should be August Garden Part 3, but that was going too far. Truth is I can’t keep up. These pictures were taken at the end of last week.

sutton bank 23.8.16 001

Finally my Hollyhock flowered. Why is it always months after everyone elses? I don’t know. But it is.

sutton bank 23.8.16 003

Mr E’s beloved dahlias, which it is my responsibilty apparently to plant out , water, nurture etc. Not my favourite plant at all. The things we do ……

sutton bank 23.8.16 004

My lovely Cosmos. I had never grown these before and I love them. Here in the bed we cleared of those orange things, day lilies I now know, growing by our dining room window. Thanks for identifying the lilies for me last time.

sutton bank 23.8.16 005

That’s the bed. Some more orange flowers to the left, we inherited those from the previous house owners, but these are delicate and pretty.

sutton bank 23.8.16 006

Globe thistle, also in the front, planted by yours truly this year. I love it.

sutton bank 23.8.16 007

The rose over the rose arch has had a second flush of blooms. So fragrant.

sutton bank 23.8.16 009

Had a big BIG tidy up round the pond, so I am happy to show it again.

The lady who lives at the back of us lost her little dog yesterday, it/she came into our garden. The dog had such a sweet face. Anyway, all our neighbour can normally see of our garden is the stonking big hedge. She came round the back and said OH HOW PRETTY, I LOVE YOUR GARDEN.

Oh My. Was my day made!

sutton bank 23.8.16 028

Bit more of the pond, through the tree. There are lots of little frogs from the pond now, the size of your thumb nail. So Dinky, I love them.

sutton bank 23.8.16 029

Look what Mr E did to my rockery and waterfall area. Just look at the hosepipe. Mr E has invested in a 3D printer. This is a good thing, because finally in retirement he has an occupation, and has stopped moping. He decided to print a gadget to use the hose pipe to channel water from one bit of the pond to another . Well it sort of works, but to be honest I’d prefer not to have that hosepipe THERE!

sutton bank 23.8.16 025

Back to the front garden. Bird table and the urn in the picture. I removed the ivy from the urn as it wasn’t thriving. This turned out to be a much MUCH harder job that I thought. Half an hour later it was out, as was all the soil. Now I did not know what was at the bottom of the urn, which shows I have never changed the soil in 15 years, which is clearly a bad thing. The ivy had formed a root , which for all the wolrd looked like a tap root. It was a good foot long and the width of a big carrot.

sutton bank 23.8.16 023

So now I have an empty urn. Should I put a liner in it do you think? There were no drainage stones over the hole, which goes right dwon through the stand, which doesn’t seem to be attached to the top.  Love to have some suggestions as to what to try in there, please.

Right, time for some more weeding.

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