Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!


What is this? Answer at the end. Actually I think it’s sheer genius.

31.8.16 002

31.8.16 017

Well I did not make much progress with the white cable cardigan. Still on the back , but very nearly at the shape raglan sleeve.

On my read an author through the alphabet challenge, I have now reached J, and was very happy to find this Henry James, What Maisie Knew.  Apparently it is a film , but not one I had heard of. In a nutshell, child caught up in adult nastiness/ game playing  following the divorce of her parents. Makes me want to smack the adults in question. Enough said. I do struggle a bit with Henry James. The sentences are a tad long and I wonder what some of them are saying. But I get the gist.

The other book is another one about the Victorian Workhouse. Very interesting and who knew that topping up wages with benefits wasn’t new?

So did you figure out what that was I had knitted in the first picture?

31.8.16 013

Twas the chimney pot. Brilliant.

31.8.16 014

I can not tell you how much I loved constructing the first cottage. It took all afternoon, with flowers in the window box and a rose round the door. Here’s the back.

31.8.16 015

I stitched a tiny bit of the stuffing coming out of the chimney for smoke. So now my village has a green, a road, a pond, three trees and one cottage. Another cottage and finishing touches to come.

So, time to name the village. Got to be suitably English, therefore slightly ridiculous in the Midsummer Murders tradition. What do you think to Throckmartin Under Cliff. Mr E suggested Throckmartin on the Severn. Or have you another idea.

Now I was thinking, sometimes Nana’s do think. This village needs a little story to go with it. I thought a Giant named Boomer could be terrorising the place. And what about a suitable name for a spooky wood in which there are only three trees remaining. And who lives in the cottages? Please let  imaginations run wild, I would love your ideas. Or your childrens’/ grandchildrens’ ideas.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along



Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (36)

  1. i like the name Throckmartin Under Cliff but i don’t like spooky or scary. does it have to be?? i think the cottage is so cute/adorable, i would like a nice comforting story…and since you are a nanny, something your grands would enjoy!!

    either way, the cottage is beautiful, very well done!!!

    • That’s one for me. Not scary or spooky,what about Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Rappunzel. Even the Gingerbread man gets eaten. I would have no getting eaten, I would have happy ending! Thanks so much getting involved.

  2. Love the cottage! The film of the book, What Maisie Knew, is worth seeing. It was the film for the launch night of last year’s international film festival here in Chichester.

  3. I never would have guessed that was a chimney! Clever! The cottage is awesome – would love to see the whole village!

  4. HOW CUTE is THIS!!!?

  5. I didn’t guess the chimney. Good shape for one though!

  6. What a sweet knitted village. So cute. Love watching Midsomer Murders. I’m on season 15 already. Have not read that book yet. Not sure I will though.

  7. Adorable village and grand idea for a story to go with it! Will put on my thinking cap & see if anything comes . . . 😘

  8. What a fabulous post – it has intrigue and a gentle challenge. Your enjoyment of the project shines through Cathy.
    A couple of villages on from where I live is called Wool – http://www.dorsets.co.uk/Wool which also has a train station.
    I love the idea of a story to go with it – I’ll have a think. ❤

  9. I have no suggestions for names or stories because I’m stuck at how absolutely, amazingly cute this project is!! I kind of wish cottages and forests weren’t just for kids… I would love to look at this every day.

  10. Your cottage is brilliant! What a wonderful project.
    When I was little my mom told me stories (based on her childhood) that all began “once upon a day, a girl lived in a house in the woods with her mother. One day…” I don’t remember much else other than many stories involved an apple orchard. 🙂

  11. I really like that house, so darn cute!

  12. Clever cute house. Well done

  13. I’m just wondering if some cute little knitted pigs would go well in the fields – a bit of shameless advertising!
    Find the Christmas Pig here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WildDaffodil

  14. You are having too much fun! This is coming out so well and I love the idea of a story to go with it. I’m thinking a ravel monster, something that comes in dark of night, to undo the very stitches that hold the town together . . . And the townspeople all have to join together and learn knitting and crocheting, in order to save their homes . . . and small children are found to craft the strongest stitches because of their innocence . . .I could go on all day!

  15. And absolutely no moths. We would need Mrs Snail’s insect eating plants….

  16. Wow! I love the detail on your cottage and the little puff of smoke is excellent:-)

  17. Ha ha! I thought it was a tractor! I’m not surprised the cardigan’s slow – you’ve having far too much fun with the village. Where has the pattern come from?

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