Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Photo Challenge- Summer!

Summer is..

scampston july 2016 017

Glorous colour

Fountains abbey july 2016 031

Fabulous Greens but..

scampston july 2016 032

Hard work for others. In gratitude to all who work on the land to feed us.

Pictures taken at Fountains Abbey and Scampston Hall .  Last year I took part in a photo challenge and my picture for Green was well Boring to say the least. I hope I have done Green a bit more justice this year.

Please leave a link to your Summer pictures in the comments. Next weeks Prompt is STREET. Which muppet came up with that one? Me? Oh!

Happy Snapping!


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Summer!" (15)

  1. Yes the ‘green’ photograph isn’t boring and all those red flowers are gorgeous.

  2. I really enjoy your photos each time you post them!

  3. Great photos Cathy, a very friendly looking Summer unlike the heat we get.

  4. Great photos – your ‘green’ is gorgeous – love how you have caught the light. Looking forward to seeing your ‘Street’ photo! Ha! Ha! 😉
    Here’s mine for Summer: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/summer/

  5. I was touched by your appreciation of farmers. I have been in farming one way or another all my life and two of my children are farmers – they often get a bad press, so it is lovely to see a different view expressed, thank you Cathy. ❤

  6. I like the range of photos here, showing both the ease and the hard work summer brings!

  7. Those reds and pinks are proper summer colours. Summer is … here!

  8. Love the pics and especially remembering or farmers working so hard in the heat to feed us 😃

  9. How pretty! I see an art quilt out of that!

  10. Hi Cathy. Here is the link to my Summer images and haiku from last summer

  11. Omg flowers r so pretty

  12. Absolutely love the non-boring green picture. Look all those shades and nuances! And the flowers are just gorgeous.

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