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Yarn Along!


What is this? Answer at the end. Actually I think it’s sheer genius.

31.8.16 002

31.8.16 017

Well I did not make much progress with the white cable cardigan. Still on the back , but very nearly at the shape raglan sleeve.

On my read an author through the alphabet challenge, I have now reached J, and was very happy to find this Henry James, What Maisie Knew.  Apparently it is a film , but not one I had heard of. In a nutshell, child caught up in adult nastiness/ game playing  following the divorce of her parents. Makes me want to smack the adults in question. Enough said. I do struggle a bit with Henry James. The sentences are a tad long and I wonder what some of them are saying. But I get the gist.

The other book is another one about the Victorian Workhouse. Very interesting and who knew that topping up wages with benefits wasn’t new?

So did you figure out what that was I had knitted in the first picture?

31.8.16 013

Twas the chimney pot. Brilliant.

31.8.16 014

I can not tell you how much I loved constructing the first cottage. It took all afternoon, with flowers in the window box and a rose round the door. Here’s the back.

31.8.16 015

I stitched a tiny bit of the stuffing coming out of the chimney for smoke. So now my village has a green, a road, a pond, three trees and one cottage. Another cottage and finishing touches to come.

So, time to name the village. Got to be suitably English, therefore slightly ridiculous in the Midsummer Murders tradition. What do you think to Throckmartin Under Cliff. Mr E suggested Throckmartin on the Severn. Or have you another idea.

Now I was thinking, sometimes Nana’s do think. This village needs a little story to go with it. I thought a Giant named Boomer could be terrorising the place. And what about a suitable name for a spooky wood in which there are only three trees remaining. And who lives in the cottages? Please let  imaginations run wild, I would love your ideas. Or your childrens’/ grandchildrens’ ideas.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Photo Challenge- Roof

wales May 16 115

Love those chimneys on this roof. Picture taken at Lacock Abbey this Spring.

Love it if you have a roof picture to post, please leave a link to it in the comments .

Next weeks’ prompt is COURAGE.

Happy Snapping!

August Garden, part 2

These pics from my garden mid August. Everything comes and goes so quickly this month, I can’t keep up.

17.8.2016 001

More Broad beans

17.8.2016 005

I think these are called sedum, but I am probably wrong. I planted three near the pond and yippeee they are popping up all over now.

17.8.2016 006

This too is near the pond. Love the big heads.

17.8.2016 007

This is the border to the side of the pond.

17.8.2016 008

I love the bee on the cosmos.

17.8.2016 009

That’s a tomato. It’s called Thessalonika!

17.8.2016 012

And that’s the globe thistle I planted in the Spring.

Right now to get back outside. Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend here in the UK.

Yarn Along!

sutton bank 23.8.16 020

So now I have four walls, a roof and a floor for the first of two cottages. It’s a chimney next. A really enjoyable project. I’ve not forgotten the cable cardigan for my granddaughter, and have done another pattern repeat. Determined to get the back of that done before the end of the month.

Still reading The Buried Giant. Not my usual genre of literature, pixies and ogres and all that malarkey, never the less it’s sort of got under my skin and I only have 50 pages to go. Can’t wait to find out what happens, does the dragon get slain, will her curse be lifted and the mist of forgetfulness disappear, and what will our heroes remember.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- River

I couldn’t choose between two pictures this week, so I shall leave it to you!

wales May 16 094

The village at Lacock taken in May 2016 OR

Fountains abbey july 2016 015

The river flowing through Fountains Abbey taken in July 2016.

Which is your favourite?

Love to see your pictures for River, so please leave a link to your River picture in the comments.

Next weeks Photo Prompt is Roof. I love a Roof picture myself, it will be very hard to choose one. Maybe I just won’t!!

Happy Snapping.



August Garden!

I took these pictures at the beginning of August, when it was very much High Summer. I can’t pretend any more that the weather hasn’t changed and we are very much at the end of Summer. Not only the temperature is down, but we’ve had rain and the air has a different quality. Even the garden has changed, with our beans and greenhouse crops now gearing into fast mode.

2.8.2016 004

My mutli headed big roses full of scent, they remind so much of glorious rose fabrics.

2.8.2016 005

A poppy I think the birds sewed.

2.8.2016 006

Multi headed orange lilies I think. They multiply like weeds and I am not certain I really like them.

2.8.2016 008

I am responsible for growing these cosmos from seed this year. I love the pink tips on the petals. You can just see my globe thistle coming underneath.

2.8.2016 011

These are near the pond, this border is now a total riot of colour.

2.8.2016 016

This is growing at the back of the waterfall. I know I rescued it from a nursery years ago, and it is paying me back big time now. Not certain what it is.

2.8.2016 014

Runner beans at the start of August. The wall is the old green house base, incinerator and rain water tub in shot.

2.8.2016 015

Broad beans, I can’t keep up with them. Finally ideas please.

2.8.2016 010

I found this urn hidden away in our garden when we moved in. I moved it with the help of two big sons to near the front door. I have tried growing geraniums  and primroses in it. Neither worked really well. Then I had the idea of ivy and something seasonal to add colour. This ivy must have been here for at least 4 years and it doesn’t like it really. Ideas for what might like it. The bird by the way fell off a bird bath middle son had given me.

Hoping to get in the garden today to start a bit of an early Autumn tidy up, and beans for Sunday lunch I think!

Hope your day is filled with Sunshine and lots of good things.



Yarn Along!

17.8.2016 002

So for my Village Green I now have three trees to go with the Green, the road and the pond. Under construction now is the first of two cottages.

17.8.2016 003

I love the pattern for the bricks and it is unbelievably simple. No carrying yarn across the back as you simply slip the stitch in the dark brown rows. Genius.

On the book front of My Read through the Alphabet personal challenge is I for Kazio Ishiguro. He wrote Remains of the Day, if the name is familiar. The Buried Giant is his latest book, and it is a bit weird. Set in Saxon England where people still believe in dragons and ogres, or are they real, an elderly couple go on a journey to be with their son in a nearby village. The land is beset with a Mist of Forgetfulness meaning that people cannot remember their past. I am not a big fan of fantasy novels. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter being the exception. Not certain I will make it to the end of this book.

Here are my trees just in case a mist of forgetfulness has beset this blog.

17.8.2016 004

Joining with Ginny as per for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Street

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 050

Whitby 2016- I choose this shot finally for the colourful window display and the artfully parked bycycle, which I confirm is not mine. Me on a bike, hahahahahahaha, not a pretty sight!

Please leave a link to your Street photograph in the comments below.

Next weeks prompt is River, I am looking forward to this one. Can’t beat a beautiful river.

Scrap Happy August.

14.8.16 001

I had wonderful fun this month with my fabric scraps, creating a crazy patchwork lavender cushion/ sachet. Here’s a close up.

14.8.16 002

Some of the scraps are really small. I cut each with pinking shears and machine stitched in place. The wadding is held in place with the buttons. Somehow I managed to add lace and a backing. Then I filled it with the dried lavender from the garden. Finally adding a ribbon and button.

You can just see a tiny piece of the flower fairies fabric.

I think I enjoyed this scrappy project the most, as it was pure play. It’s now going into my meomys drawer!

Joining with these other ladies and their fabric scraps.

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Sunday Sevens!

Sunday Sevens was created by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. A series of seven pictures from the last week, or my case the last goodness knows how long.

17.7.16 005

I am opting for a chronological way of sharing my pictures. This gorgeous lot of fabrics came from a craft fair I visited back in June. Scraps but some jolly good big pieces. £3 a bargain I think.

2.8.2016 021

Scarborough, and a lovely day out with Mr E in July.

11.8.16 001

Don’t you love these woofers. My unbirthday present, received, by coincidence, on Mr E’s birthday, from the wonderful Claire. 

Thank you Claire they are adorable.

Wales- Aug 2016 008

I visited my brother in Wales last week. We had a marvellous day out at Big Pit in Blaenavon

Incredibly it costs £3 to park the car and there is no charge for entry to the Pit. A fascinating visit, but watch your head for low flying ceilings. Thank goodness for hard hats.

11.8.16 002

I came across my old rattle at Mum’s! And it still sort of makes a noise. I hesitate to call it a toy noise, but it does rattle. There may be some loose bits inside!!

Lastingham 13.8.16 012

And so to yesterday and a trip out to check the heather on the moors. Not quite at peak perfection, but this sheep was happy enough.

Lastingham 13.8.16 005

Especially when the crazy woman with camera departed the scene.

Hoping you are having a happy and fulfilled Summer.


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