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16 for 2016- July

Summer really arrived this month. It’s amazing how the sun seems to make everyone just that little bit happier! Time for my July reflection on my 16 for 2016 goals.

16 swims- Already achieved and I am still swimming weekly.

15- well that is all about walking and it’s not happening regularly. I am having a rethink, again and a refocus.

14 lbs lost- that was 8, but goodness knows whether it still is. Another thing to refocus on.

13 outings- Been a good month for outings. There was the quilt exhibition in Whitby, a day at Scampston Hall and another at Fountains Abbey.

Fountains abbey july 2016 020

I am just back from a few days in Edinburgh where we went to the Mary King Close, a wonderful tour of underground rooms, no longer in use. Sadly pictures are not allowed. And a fabulous tour of

Edinburgh- July 2016 032

So that makes 5 this month, giving me a total of 13. Goal accomplished.

12 cookery posts- Humph.That is still 5. Not quite certain what to do on this one…

11 Flower pictures I am pleased with. Completed already, but you can’t have too many flowers…

scampston july 2016 002

10 handmade cards- total unchanged at 9

9 Garden posts- one more done in July. Total is 6, on course to complete this goal.

8 stash/ kit busting projects. Bunting made this month. Which completes this goal too.

7 sewing/embroidery projects. Dress and bag made for my grand daughter. Total is 6

6 Acts of kindness- Goal completed.

5 Reading non fiction-currently readingan  on- line a course on genealogy. Once completed that will be one more. Total is 3.

4 Improve knitting/crochet skills. Total unchanged at 3

3 Things accomplished from my bucket list. Going to Edinburgh makes 3 for this year.

2 Railway journeys.With Edinburgh that makes 4

1 Bus journey- thanks to Edinburgh, I have done 5

0 magazines bought. Still 0, and I was so tempted at the quilt exhibition with some second hand ones, but I resisted.

So things are going pretty well, but I need to focus on 14 and 15 a bit more than I have managed so far!!

Leaving you with one more picture of Fountains Abbey.

Fountains abbey july 2016 026

And my coffee which I had on the Brittania, hope it raises a smile..

Edinburgh- July 2016 033




Comments on: "16 for 2016- July" (9)

  1. Great job, Cathy! (I need to review my list, it might be better than it seems on the surface?) Great photos, and the Brittania has some very talented baristas!

  2. You’re doing so well with your goals–so many completed with months to go! I’m glad to see you’ve gotten some fine weather–it makes the idea of going on outings much more appealing, doesn’t it?

  3. Funny I see this today as I have been thinking for the last two days that I ought to do an update on my 16 for 2016! Well done to you, and there is plenty of time left in the second half of the year to accomplish more.

  4. The whole post makes me smile Cathy 🙂 You are zipping through those targets – fantastic! I think it would be strange if what we thought of in January didn’t shift about a bit during the year and life is such an unknown wiggly path. Good luck with your refocusing – love your photos, especially of that lily. ❤
    Now I'd better go and look through mine.

  5. Fantastic coffee! You’re doing amazingly well with your goals, I daren’t even look at mine, it kinda went out of the window in the first couple of monthcs but I have enjoyed what I’ve done and to me that’s the main thing 😃

  6. Well done. You’re doing brilliantly 🙂

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Fabulous progress!

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