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July Garden

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 022

The greenhouse has started to earn its keep as we have had cucumbers now. Lettuces have done well but we have a temporary lull. And next month we should finally have broad beans. The garden is full of colour and variety. Not all of which was planned.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 004

This appeared in a neglected corner of the garden. Mr E picked and presented it for me, then we found out the fluid in the stem is poisonous. That will teach us.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 014

But this is just pretty and the bees love it. I have noticed that bees prefer natural flowers to the ones we have carefully nurtured.

Fountains abbey july 2016 001

Although that little fellow seems happy enough.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 007

This clematis appears when and where it jolly well feels like. This year we have lots of blooms which have now tumbled up and over the fence into next doors.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 017

Isn’t this baby blackbird so sweet. I hadn’t really thought about their feathers but he/she has no tail yet. By the way the Dad is the blackbird with the white feathers we,  ok I named Fred. But I have not seen Fred for a week. Hope he is ok.

Back to the flowers, and at this time of year my favourite at  least for this week are the roses. I leave you with three of them. All have a gorgeous fragrance, my favourite is third, but let me know which you like best won’t you.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 013

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 009

Fountains abbey july 2016 002



Comments on: "July Garden" (13)

  1. Beautiful! I like the first, red, for colour, but as for scent . . . not a clue! Such a lot to enjoy!

  2. It’s an amazing time of year for flowers, isn’t it? I see something new every time I go outside. I think I like the first rose best–love the simplicity of the few petals and that color!

  3. great garden photos – so many pretty things. I too, like the top rose best, I am sucker for a red rose, and if it smells good as well, oh my!

  4. I am NOT a flower gardener, so I am really enjoying yours Cathy!

  5. My favourite is the last one to, I love all flowers with frilly petals, your gardens wonderful 💐

  6. All three roses are lovely and extra special if they are scented. I am always disappointed if roses have no scent. The first one should be the favourite with the bees.

  7. Very pretty and well done on the veg. Shame Mr E is trying to kill you – perhaps he wants all the veg to himself 😉

  8. Beautiful flowers!! I too, like the third one. So pretty and ruffly!

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