Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

My current knitting project requires concentration, so instead of knitting in the evening, I now knit when I have an hour to spare in the afternoon. Which means I have been cross stitching small projects in the evening. That’s when I have not been watching the news re our referendum on the EU.

29.6.16 011

Meerkat with top hat (mouse loft kit) and

29.6.16 010

a Woolly Jumper- a textile heritage kit.

Both will become cards for some poor unsuspecting person

Linking with Heather from Stitching Lotus for SAL


Comments on: "A little bit of cross stitch." (14)

  1. Unsuspecting perhaps, poor not so much. Anyone would love to be the recipient of such cuteness!

  2. Very cute! I do love that meerkat – he is very cute,

  3. Thanks for all the lovely complements!

  4. Great stitchings! The Meerkat is cute.

  5. I’m surprised you can concentrate on those tiny stitches and watch the news at the same time, especially with all the Brexit stuff!

  6. He is a very handsome meerkat, cross stitch is so relaxing

  7. claire93 said:

    that meercat is great! can never have too many smalls ready for card-making ^^

  8. Nice work!

  9. Great job. Love the meercat!

  10. I love your little lamb – the colors are great. Thank you for sharing

  11. those are adorable, and two lucky people will be ever thankful that your knitting project could not be worked on in the evening. 🙂

  12. So cute. I’m sure the recipients will love such a personal gift. ‘Work is love made visible’. Kahlil Gibran

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