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Photo Challenge- Heat


The hottest I have ever been- The Mojave desert October 2012. The holiday of my lifetime, here on route to the Grand Canyon from San Fransisco. 90F in the shade. Just wonderful.

Please feel free to leave a link to your Heat picture in the comments section.

Next weeks’ prompt is PLAY

Happy Snapping!


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  2. Yep! These Southern California deserts can get really hot! We experienced 111 degrees last week and we are not even in the actual desert!! Come in November next time. The deserts are really beautiful in the late fall but actually very cold in the winter.

  3. Oh my goodness, I remember visiting Death Valley and the heat was overwhelming beyond words, just like you are sharing here in the Mojave desert.

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  5. Perfect for ‘heat’ – I would love it too.

  6. Looks hot! Not sure I could cope though.

  7. Oh, 90F is hot! Great entry for the prompt 🙂
    Here’s mine:

  8. You thought 90 in the shade was wonderful?! I’m one of those who would rather be too cold than too hot, and 90 is too hot!

    • Oh but we had wonderful air conditioning in the car. The heat was very very dry. And it was really quiet out in the desert. This was a service area and everyone moved slowly and stayed in the shade. So unlike England. I tried to imagine what it must have been like for people heading to California from the dust bowls.

  9. You can feel the heat in the image Cathy. You would not like our 45oC summer days .

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