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16 for 2016- May

My how time is flying by. Been a rather nice month ,with a lovely visit to see my Mum and brother in Wales, and our son Mr T and his family in Wiltshire, culminating with a visit to us by youngest son,Mr B and Ms G.

It also has seen a bit of sea change in me. I think I am finally settling into a more relaxed rhythm of life. I retired nearly two years ago, so about time I guess. Recently I wasn’t enjoying all my crafting, but didn’t realize why. After I completed the new baby cardigan , I started knitting a cardigan for my granddaughter. There was no deadline I had to finish it by, and I found I was loving knitting again. I mean really loving it. It took me a while to figure out that it was working to deadlines that was having a negative impact on enjoyment.I shall still challenge myself to improve skills and try new things and my 16 for 2016 will help steer the way, but in an altogether more relaxed way.

So time to recap.

16 swims- Achieved

15x2x5 1.e. 30  minutes by 5 days walking a week. Getting there..

14 lbs lost- still 8lbs.

13 outings- 8 now with the outing to the American museum and Lacock Abbey.

12 cookery posts-recipe for moussaka in the photo challenge Layer.4 in total.

11 pictures of flowers. Surprisingly hard with wind, rain etc, but here come three more.

wales May 16 017

I loved the tulip in our garden.

wales May 16 025

This is the perfect pansy to my mind.

wales May 16 119

And this lily at Lacock Abbey is simply glorious. That’s a total of 7 pictures now.

10 handmade cards.2 more this month. I am delighted to announce that our nephew and godson is now a very proud father of a beautiful little girl. Hopefully get to meet her sometime later in the year. Total is 7 now.

9 garden posts. I posted again this month. Total is now 4

8 Stash /kit busting projects. I am claiming two more for this month for the baby ball and the patchwork cushion.Total is 4

22.5.16 003

7 sewing or embroidery projects.I have made a dress for Miss F, in Michael Miller’s dawn fairies fabric.

wales May 16 010

I had forgotten how to use the button attachment on the sewing machine. The machine may be three years old but it still terrifies me. So I am making another two dresses to get me over this stupidity. Anyway that makes 3 projects.

6 Acts of kindness. I am saying achieved this month. I have realized that it is so easy to be kind, whether you let the person with few items go before you in the supermarket when you have a trolley load, or pick up things for the elderly, sticks mostly, or scale supermarket shelves for those smaller than me,  or pop loose change in charity boxes. The opportunities are endless. But what I want to tell you about is the care I notice some people are extending to our Big issue lady. Now the Big Issue is a paper sold by homeless people to pay for accommodation in a hostel. Our Big Issue seller is a Romanian lady and she is there come rain or shine and often comes in for abuse as people feel immigrants shouldn’t be selling the Big Issue. This month I saw a lady come out of the Bakers shop and present our paper seller with a pasty. This was received with enormous gratitude and consumed so quickly, quite frankly I was surprised. Last week I watched as another lady was clearly concerned that our paper seller was ill, she was putting her hand to a rather flushed forehead, and advising her to go back home to get better.

On a completely different note I spotted this out of commission phone box.

wales May 16 030

So why’s that kind? Well maybe kind is the wrong word but I love it anyway.

wales May 16 031

I mean how nice is that. So I shall continue to look for little ways to make the world a nicer place. I would love to hear what little kindness you can tell me about too please.

5 Non Fiction books read.The total is now 3.

22.5.16 004

Now I often borrow craft books from the library and dip into them. This one I actually read from cover to cover. I really recommend this book if you would like to make fabric pictures. Take a look at this one which is my favourite.

22.5.16 005

4 Projects to enhance my knitting/crochet skills. Total is now 3 as I add in the lacy pattern baby cardigan which I managed to knit without frogging.

3 items from my bucket list. I am adding in one more, to make two. I reviewed my bucket list and realized that I could now tick off going swimming once a week for two months. Swimming once a week has become part of my weekly routine and I enjoy it so much. All thanks to the 16 swims I set as my goal for this year.

2 Railway journeys- Achieved already.

1 bus journey-nothing to report

0 magazines purchased. I have resisted temptation but it is oh so hard.

So that was May. Hope you had a good May and all the best for June. Please feel free to leave a link to any monthly review in the comments section. Leaving you with Little Miss F, looking a bit self conscious as she poses for a picture in her new Nana dress.

wales May 16 131




Comments on: "16 for 2016- May" (27)

  1. LOVE The pansy, one of my favorite flowers, and enjoyed hearing of your progress on your goals. When I retire, I must do something similar! I’m sure it will help with the transition.

  2. Deadlines are odd things, they can be really helpful at times and real killers at others. Good to see you’ve thrown them in the bin when they’re being so unhelpful 🙂

  3. Your post always makes me feel so happy. Your accomplishments spur me on. I especially liked the pillow and the dress on your little one. She is delightful. It takes so little to do an act of kindness and the reward so great. You are doing well. I’ve been retired for quite some time but my days are all so full that I wish they would last longer or at least my energy would. I have never understood people who hate retirement. Other than leaving co-workers who are friends, I have plenty, as do you, to keep me entertained and productive.

  4. A beautifully written blog post – so much detail, so much thoughtfulness, I’ve loved reading it. I retired nearly 6 years ago, and I still find myself very driven – I think it starts with having small children and realising how much there is to do! And before long you have set in the habits for life. But like you, I have found it doesn’t help my enjoyment of retirement – I have had to learn to be more process orientated, and less product-driven. I’m still working on this to be honest – perhaps I’ll always be like that – hope not! 🙂

  5. It is heartening to see that little acts of kindness are happening all the time – perhaps we just need to be more observant? Love that fabric book – not surprised you read it cover to cover.

  6. I like the phonebox very much. A little library on the street. A friend of mine (from Switzerland) has been at janet bolton’s twice so far and makes the nicest miniatures. Take your time with knitting! Deadlines are the death of creativity too often. Regula

    • Thanks. I hope to avoid deadlines from now on, really took the enjoyment out of life. Janet Bolton’s book is really inspirational. Good to hear about your friends experience.

  7. Adorable photo of little Miss in her new dress!
    Had a thought about your clearing out ~ instead of a whole morning, which experts say is difficult, why not switch to 1 hour of clear out? And then be certain to give yourself a real reward afterwards, perhaps a good sit down with a favourite book, a cuppa, and bickie. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in 1 hour. It might also help you come to grips with storage needs, and inspire you to do a bit of measuring up for storage containers before the next hour. Just some random thoughts. 😉
    Must admit the entire list makes me quail!

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wonderful progress Cathy. Well done. And the dress looks even prettier on Miss F than it does on the hanger. Just love the colours. Must , must have a look at my list and see how I am doing!

  9. I like the list idea though I would not want to be “tied” to it. There are plenty of deadlines in my life still and more things I would like to add, but for now I am sticking to the ones I have and trying to still enjoy the process. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been as brave as you and posted a list recently.

    • I try to compile a list that provides lots of wriggle room! The list structure was really useful last year as the family had such a difficult time and it gave me distraction ideas! It was the deadline of birthdays and visits to and from family and wanting to finish things to give that stopped me from enjoying the process. All self induced! I try to be very honest with myself and my blog hence the monthly review. Also I hope people enjoy reading my posts.

  10. Wow, Cathy, your list of accomplishments is tremendous! When I look back through mine, I can see a tiny bit of progress….but I’ll take it! Love the stash busting cushion, the phone booth/book box, the sweet little baby in her new Nana dress. Your observations of others’ kindness made me stop and think about the kind, compassionate people I know and love.

  11. That is the prettiest little girl, with the prettiest dress! You are doing so well with your commitment to this–but do you think it’s adding to the pressure you mention at the beginning of this post?

    • Thanks. The cookery post one did, I thought I would have lots to say but I haven’t. But you never know! I am leaving that for the time being. The problem happened when I fell in love with my fabric stash and wanted to do so many projects, but there were birthdays that I felt I should be doing something for. All totally self inflicted!

  12. claire93 said:

    well done on all your achievments!
    and I love the idea of the recycled phone booth, into a book swap box^^ Only in England would something like that work lol.

  13. Utterly impressed by your commitment! Fascinated too by the book-exchange phone box. The one one I know is in Blacko, Pendle, and I think it’s a great idea. I hope it’s well-used.

  14. I love your list and reading of your progress.
    I can so relate to crafting to deadlines – that is why I no longer do commissions if I can be strong enough to say ‘No’, I’m aiming to reduce stress wherever possible! Congrats on the swims, the walks and the weight loss (not an increase this month!). The flower photos are lovely, do you have a macro setting on your camera?
    Stash busting! I will add that one to my 17 for 2017 list – I reeeeeeally need to use up some stuff, and create some space in the storage bins. Your cushion is a delight.
    Your Little Miss F looks so much like my Little Miss M, who would adore that dress!!!
    An impressive list Cathy.
    I look forward to sharing June’s achievements with you.
    Here’s my May post: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/16-for-2016-may/

    • Thanks. I don’t think I have a macro setting on my camera. I just have a little no frills digital camera which fits neatly in a pocket.

      • It takes very good pictures. My little pocket camera has a flower symbol on the dial which means I can take close ups, handy if I’m out and about and don’t want to take the big one.

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