Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A fortnight ago we had a wonderful day out with the family at Lacock Abbey.

Lacock Abbey is famous for its picturesque village and Abbey which feature regularly in TV and films ( think Harry Potter) and Fox Talbot the inventor of photography. Hope you will enjoy joining us for the visit.

We began with a wander round the village.

wales May 16 080

Period dramas are a specialty. Miss F was most taken with these big horses.

wales May 16 085

Apparently they are used to deliver beer to local pubs.

wales May 16 087

We meandered  round some shops, I really like the teddy bears picnic outside the craft shop.

wales May 16 089

Miss F and Master T awaiting lunch from the bakery! The pasties were delicious. Please note the two nanacathy knits!!

wales May 16 097

After lunch we went to the Abbey.

wales May 16 101

Recognize these cloisters from Harry Potter? Nuns were based in the Abbey before the dissolution under Henry V111. Then it became a house. I was rather taken with the kitchen.

wales May 16 107

How’s that for stock control? I loved this iron. My Mum used to iron sheets with one very similar. I have never ironed a sheet in my life but I do iron pillow cases.

wales May 16 106

Fox Talbot was envious of the drawing skills of his female relatives and this led him to taking the first photograph, which just so happened to be of this window.

wales May 16 113

Actually think my picture trumps his!! Then it was time for that all important ice cream.

wales May 16 095

Hope you liked the visit. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend and half term holiday. Getting excited Mr B and Ms G are coming to stay. I have had to clear up all my fabric, wool etc in order to make up their bed, but it’s worth it.


Comments on: "Family day at Lacock Abbey" (12)

  1. What a lovely trip you had. Wish I had some small towns of such charm in my area. But nothing as old or quaint here in America.

  2. Beautiful post!

  3. I’ve never heard of Lacock Abbey. Looks fabulous. Love the cloisters 🙂

  4. lovely photos…thank you for sharing!!

  5. claire93 said:

    thank you for taking us on this lovely visit.
    I’m rather taken to Miss F’s wellies, myself. Red ribbons on wellies, how fun!

    • They are wonderful. They had belonged to her big sister and sadly were found to have a split half way up one leg . Paddling depth in the river later on had to be monitored very carefully!

  6. Look like a lovely day out. I especially like the ‘Household Wants Indicator’ I have to write down things as I run out these days to make sure I buy them.

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