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Photo challenge- Check

22.5.16 006I was Checking my fabric stash as one does and realized I had no idea what project I had in mind when I bought three 1/2 metres of Check fabric. There are two lengths of green and red ribbon in the same bag. What was I thinking, ideas please.

Note to self, Check fabric stash regularly and write down why you bought it !!

For other check photos please look at our regular contributors and feel free to leave a link to any photo you would like to check in….

OK I will stop . Next weeks prompt is Door. Oh boy am I anticipating some really cool door pictures….

Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Melissa at http://thearanartisan.com

Roz at https://umpteenthings.wordpress.com

Jenny at https://letthesewingbegin.wordpress.com

Christina at https://alookatthelittlethings.wordpress.com/

Ali at https://thimberlina.wordpress.com/


Comments on: "Photo challenge- Check" (21)

  1. Hi, it’s my first time here, In an earlier comment someone said drawstring bags..a good one I think. One for trimmings, one for threads, one for buttons. Or, if you have a grand daughter I see a nice full gather waist skirt with bloomers attached. Like in the old days:))
    I need to do some sorting of fabric myself. I like the idea of sticking a note in the bag with the original thoughts….


    • Hi Pat, thanks for reading my blog. I love your idea of a little skirt for my granddaughter. I shall certainly give this very serious consideration.

  2. You could make some great snoods for Afghan Hounds, (but they have to be fitted)

  3. […] at Nanacathy…….. ……. ……….. […]

  4. Love your “check” entry! Hoping we’ll see these bits made into something special. 🙂 Here is my submission: https://letthesewingbegin.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/photo-challenge-check/

  5. I do that all the time with beads – (DID do that all the time!)
    Here’s my CHECK.

  6. Environmentally friendly gift wrapping? 🙂

  7. Maybe some of those fun fancy dish towels?

  8. Checking the checks. Double value there!

  9. claire93 said:

    maybe you bought fabric thinking of aprons?

    • I don’t think that was it as I have been looking for an apron pattern I like. However when I track one down this fabric would make a lovely apron. It feels as if its got enough body to it. Thanks for the idea.

  10. I’m thinking drawstring bags?

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