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Photo Challenge- Fern

I struggled with this one and had to have recourse to past photos. Here’s one from August 2012.

Dalby August 2012 014

Lots of bracken and bell heather taken at Dalby Forest.

Remember my Photo- Secret? Over the moon as they say -OXFORD UTD have been promoted to league 1.

If you have a picture to share and would like to join in please leave a link in the comments below. Joining in with all these other talented photographers.

Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Melissa at http://thearanartisan.com

Roz at https://umpteenthings.wordpress.com

Jenny at https://letthesewingbegin.wordpress.com

Christina at https://alookatthelittlethings.wordpress.com/

Ali at https://thimberlina.wordpress.com/



Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Fern" (16)

  1. Yes, it doesn’t give you a lot of scope. Well found. Lovely pic.

  2. Fern as a topic was very specific wasn’t it? Years ago I was told braken was not a fern but I used Google and it is. So much for what people tell you when you are young! Braken and heather – lovely.

  3. Beautiful! I like the mix of ferns and flowers.
    I’m late with the review this week as I’m away with only intermittent dodgy wifi

  4. Oh, ferns and heather always bring back wonderful memories of camping on Exmoor. Beautiful:)

  5. Nature comes up with the best colour combinations!! Love the purple & green 🙂

  6. Great image Cathy, I love the colour in the ferns.

  7. That is so pretty with the purple flowers. I think we all may have tried to see if there was another meaning, but this challenge prompt has brought me a new appreciation for the lowly fern.

  8. […] at Nanacathy…….. ……. […]

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