Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

SAL- 1st May

Spot the difference time again! Only one hour managed on my cross stitch this time. next time won’t see much progress either, a busy month ahead and some deadlines on other projects to meet. After that there should be more to see when I report in.

Last time

Farndale-2016 022

And this time

1.5.16 003

I added the back stitch to her face just for you Kate!

1.5.16 002

I thought to work on a different part but the next logical part is the leaf to the right of the flower stem, and there are many shades of green so I decided to plug on with the flower. I would like this finished by October so there will be a big push over the summer.

Please check out the other more productive ladies in our SAL. If you would like to join please contact Avis.

Avis at http://sewingbesidethesea.wordpress.com
Claire at http://claire93.wordpress.com
Gun at http://rutigt.wordpress.com
Carole at http://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com
Wendy at http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.co.uk
Lucy at https://lucyannluna.wordpress.com
Cathy at https://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com
Jess at https://everthecrafter.wordpress.com
Sue at http://sewingmagpie.blogspot.com
Constanze at https://textiledreamer.wordpress.com



Comments on: "SAL- 1st May" (15)

  1. claire93 said:

    slowly but surely ^^

  2. Any progress is good progress. The back stitch brings her face to life

  3. Ah….and she has a face!!!!!!!!

  4. At least it’s progress & she can now see.

  5. Hurray! I can see her face and her pretty expression! Thank you!

  6. She looks so much nicer with a face, and it’s a very sweet face 🙂

  7. Lovely. Keep up the progress and you’ll get it finished by October 🙂

  8. Times when there are plenty of distractions are what make these group efforts so valuable. There’s always someone to remind you to get back on track! Good luck with the other projects; you know this one will be waiting patiently until you’re ready to spend more time with it again.

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