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Photo Challenge- Door

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 035

Burton Agnes Hall- 2016

I love the colours and textures in this door.

Next weeks prompt is Headgear. I have no ideas for this one and I thought of it. Doh!

Love it if you shared a door with us and left a link in the comments. Can’t beat a good door picture.

Happy Snapping!

Scottie Dog, cross stitch card.

I didn’t manage any stitches at all on my Flower Fairy this month, but I have stitched this sweet little dog. Just right for a birthday card for a 9 year old girl whose birthday is in June. Hope she likes him.

26.5.16 003

I love how the tartan effect was cross stitches then green and gold back stitches, and it does look just like tartan don’t you think?

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Family day at Lacock Abbey

A fortnight ago we had a wonderful day out with the family at Lacock Abbey.

Lacock Abbey is famous for its picturesque village and Abbey which feature regularly in TV and films ( think Harry Potter) and Fox Talbot the inventor of photography. Hope you will enjoy joining us for the visit.

We began with a wander round the village.

wales May 16 080

Period dramas are a specialty. Miss F was most taken with these big horses.

wales May 16 085

Apparently they are used to deliver beer to local pubs.

wales May 16 087

We meandered  round some shops, I really like the teddy bears picnic outside the craft shop.

wales May 16 089

Miss F and Master T awaiting lunch from the bakery! The pasties were delicious. Please note the two nanacathy knits!!

wales May 16 097

After lunch we went to the Abbey.

wales May 16 101

Recognize these cloisters from Harry Potter? Nuns were based in the Abbey before the dissolution under Henry V111. Then it became a house. I was rather taken with the kitchen.

wales May 16 107

How’s that for stock control? I loved this iron. My Mum used to iron sheets with one very similar. I have never ironed a sheet in my life but I do iron pillow cases.

wales May 16 106

Fox Talbot was envious of the drawing skills of his female relatives and this led him to taking the first photograph, which just so happened to be of this window.

wales May 16 113

Actually think my picture trumps his!! Then it was time for that all important ice cream.

wales May 16 095

Hope you liked the visit. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend and half term holiday. Getting excited Mr B and Ms G are coming to stay. I have had to clear up all my fabric, wool etc in order to make up their bed, but it’s worth it.

Photo challenge- Check

22.5.16 006I was Checking my fabric stash as one does and realized I had no idea what project I had in mind when I bought three 1/2 metres of Check fabric. There are two lengths of green and red ribbon in the same bag. What was I thinking, ideas please.

Note to self, Check fabric stash regularly and write down why you bought it !!

For other check photos please look at our regular contributors and feel free to leave a link to any photo you would like to check in….

OK I will stop . Next weeks prompt is Door. Oh boy am I anticipating some really cool door pictures….

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May Garden

You have to love this time in England. The weather warms up and there is something new to see every day in the garden. We have been spending a lot of time outside and I love it.

27.4.16 011

This is the Pulsatila Red Bells, I mentioned in my April post. Here it is in full flower.

wales May 16 011

This is the view of the garden from the room in which I write my blog. The pond is just to the right of the tree, the veg garden just out of sight left back, and the garage front left.The hedge at the back is an old field hedge and we let it grow as high as we think our neighbours will tolerate. It is home to a lot of birds, all very very busy right now.

wales May 16 013

Talking of the pond my little lady is looking right at home among the wood and wild flowers.

wales May 16 015

That’s the top of the rockery above the pond. Note, Mr E tries to get rid of the forget me knots every year!! But I love them too much…. enough said. There are bluebells galore out in the garden too.

18.5.16 005

I took some to my Dad’s grave yesterday. Such a contrast to the shop bought flowers on the plot next door. Wonder what he’d have said?

18.5.16 004

The seed/plants have moved from the lounge floor to the step by the french windows. They spend the nights in the greenhouse.

18.5.16 006

Which is beginning to look the business. Sorry about my reflection..

18.5.16 007

Remember my no fern photo challenge problem a week or so ago. Typical here’s some of ours just one week later!! Note to self no working with children, animals or plants.

18.5.16 010

There are runner beans lurking beneath that fleece, which is there for stopping the pigeons.

18.5.16 008

This lilac tree has come from nowhere in the last couple of years, it’s somewhere in the back hedge, but whether on our side or the neighbours I couldn’t say. But it makes a gorgeous splash of colour.

18.5.16 011

We have some lovely scented plants in the garden. This honeysuckle is on the garage wall. There are blue tits in the nesting box. They hatched I think on Friday as we went from one blue tit on a mission to two flying back and forth like the clappers.

We have a lots of blackbirds in the garden too. I want to introduce to one very special gentleman. He is a blackbird with some white feathers. Now we had one blackbird a few years ago with a white spot who was a timid little thing lurking in the hedge to the right of our garden. But some how he must have found a mate and produced. Fred the thread. Fred is a very feisty chap, he successfully fought all the other male blackbirds to gain a lady and the best nesting spot in the hedge which grows behind another lilac tree . And oh boy is he working hard now, fetching delectable little titbits for his lady.

wales May 16 022

See his white tail, the thread of white which gave him his name Fred the Thread. He would like you to know that he is a most clean blackbird and takes a regular bath in the bird bath whether he needs it or not. It is rather wonderful to be able to actually tell him from the other blackbirds whom he no longer has time to fight  and know exactly how he sets about his daily business.

18.5.16 009

Hawthorn in the back hedge, love it. Still waiting for the elderflower to bloom. Not certain we are going to have any plums this year, the tree blossomed before the last frost. The tadpoles have all hatched and are swimming around merrily. Two frogs have taken up residence in the greenhouse.

22.5.16 002

This wisteria is at the front of the house, a gift from my Dad.

And we have started to eat more from the garden. First lettuce of the year, plus herbs and rhubarb still.

wales May 16 001

Best of all, I get to pick flowers for the house.

18.5.16 003

Right time to get back outside… Hope you enjoyed this rather long walk round the garden .

Enjoy the sunshine folks….


American Museum- The Quilts

Warning-This post is a bit photo heavy. And I am not sharing all the pictures I took. There was just just much to see in the textile room.

Imagine one room full of woven tapestries and quilts, all hanging up behind glass, on a display a bit like you see for posters.Next picture a lot of ladies, completely unknown to each other making instant friends as they ooh and aah. Finally see the exodus of males- husbands, boyfriends and partners as they beat a hasty retreat!

wales May 16 055

I loved the homespun look of so many of the quilts. This one had names embroidered on the individual panels.

wales May 16 056

This one so much more precise. I love the colours.

wales May 16 057

I loved the fans on this one and the embroidered details.. Sorry you can see my reflection in this one.

wales May 16 059

I loved the cartoon type characters on this one and the comments sewn underneath each picture.

wales May 16 060

This is a nine patch one. I don’t know the individual names for the designs being so new to the world of quilts. So many of them were hand sewn and quilted, which I just loved.

wales May 16 061

How about this with embroidered leaves and animals on the pieces. That pig!

wales May 16 063

And this one, so much to see

wales May 16 065

I was especially interested in this hexie one as you can imagine.

wales May 16 066

And this one , all in white with red images embroidered onto the fabric.

wales May 16 067

I mean who can resist Mr Frog, or maybe he’s Mr Toad. I don’t know.

One last one nearly..

wales May 16 068

I loved the head dress on this.

So what is a lady to do when she gets home….. Why dig out the pack of nine 15cmx15cm fabric squares and finally , finally , FINALLY,  do something with them.

18.5.16 015

Look I managed to quilt the inside of each square. Bit of a pigs dinner in the middle hence the buttons!! Now I need to buy a 20 inch cushion pad. It is for use in the summer on our garden chairs. I am inordinately proud of myself for this one.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

American Museum- Bath

It’s been a long cherished wish of mine to visit the American Museum in Bath (UK). Last week I fulfilled it. Full details of the museum can be found here.

My main reason for visiting was the textile room with the collection of quilts. Apparently they have so many they change the exhibition from time to time. I took rather a lot of photos of quilts and other exhibits so have split this visit into two posts. This one does not contain any quilts. I will post those another day!

wales May 16 046

The museum is situated in this house. It doesn’t open till 12, but you can walk in the grounds and visit the cafe after 10.30 if you are an early bird. Being able to do this is a new venture for the museum called appropriately Early Birds. There’s a whole flock of them on the lawn!

wales May 16 075

The views are wonderful.

wales May 16 045

And the coffee and cookies weren’t bad either. Glad we were early birds.

Inside the museum you go on a walk through history. Here’s what caught my eye.

wales May 16 049

These wonderful figures.

wales May 16 050

A collection of black mammy dolls. Apparently there are few survivors of these dolls as they were loved to pieces.

Photography was allowed but no flash, so apologies for lighting issues.

wales May 16 052

A series of rooms through the ages. I know you will all love the wool winder.

wales May 16 071

I am not quite certain what this gadget it. Any ideas? Note to self , take a notebook to write this stuff down in!

wales May 16 072

Now that is a Shaker style sewing box. The pin cushion looks so modern.

Quilts next time….. Hope you enjoyed this short visit with me. I can really recommend it.


Yarn Along!

I finished the pretty little baby cardigan. Knitted in Sirdar 4ply yarn, it was a joy to make from start to finish. Pattern is Sirdar 1666.

wales May 16 004

Here’s a detail of the little matching hat.

wales May 16 005

lacy edge, holes and flowers. Baby is now past the due date, good luck to the parents to be.

So what next?

18.5.16 014

another little cardigan for Miss F. I am sticking with 4ply wool. There is a bit of moss stitch but mostly just stocking stitch. I was going to do white because it goes with everything. Then I found a shade called Rice Pudding, and I just HAD to go with that. Really, really enjoying the knitting, and know why? I have no deadline to meet. So much more relaxing. There is a big lesson for me there.

Two books on the go right now. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which has been recommended to me from so many different sources that when I spotted it in the library I knew it had to be my next read. Two chapters in and I think I am hooked.

The other book is called Fabric Pictures by Janet Bolton and is a workshop on guess what? Fabric pictures. Rarely do I read “craft” books from start to finish , but this is going to be the exception. It’s another library book and I am making notes…..

Linking with everyone over at Ginny’s’ for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Frivolous

I love this one…

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 015

Sculpture at Burton Agnes Hall, taken in January when we went to see the snowdrops. I wouldn’t like to meet him for real.

And this one, taken on Thursday in Abergavenny market hall.

wales May 16 028

What the????

Which do you prefer? I think for sheer silliness it has to be the market hall for me.

Please leave a link to any photo on Frivolous in the comment section. And do visit the regular contributors to this challenge.

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Next weeks prompt is CHECK. Once again I am stumped.

We shall see.

Happy Snapping.

Scrap Happy- May 2016

I have been having such a great time with my fabric scraps. First of all I made a ball for a  new baby.

Newburgh priory April 2016 006

I have seen patterns for this in at least two books, including Patch by Cath Kidston. Next I made a birth congratulations card.

27.4.16 016

I had everything I needed for this card. The pram is made of scrap of lace.  The idea for this came from a book called Handmade Gift Cards By Cheryl Owen, details https://www.amazon.co.uk/Handmade-Gift-Cards-Step-

I am continuing with the hexie quilt, and although I have plenty of hexies left I need some more variety in the fabric. So I need to get stitching some of the projects in my to do list.

wales May 16 006

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