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16 for 2016- April

Can’t believe we are 1/3rd of the way through the year. Spring has sprung albeit rather soggily in these parts, and we are reliably informed by the weather people it will get warmer …… Anyway time to see how my 16 for 2016 is progressing!

16 swims–Drum Roll please, ACHIEVED. I have now been 17 times, and plan on continuing on a weekly basis. I got muddled up counting lengths on the 16th visit and found I enjoyed it far more when I just swam! As the year has progressed there are more swimmers so sometimes you swim as much sideways to avoid collisions as forwards to do a length. So much better to stop counting and just go with the flow. Being British, us regulars now discuss the water temperature in great detail ,as well as the state of the showers!!

15 minutes x 2 x5 days walking. Still a work in progress , but lots of lovely walks. Including one to Farndale to enjoy the Wild Daffodils.

Farndale-2016 014

Farndale-2016 009

14lbs lost-total is unchanged at 8. She blamed rhubarb.

13 outings-It’s been a lovely month for outings. I went to Wembley to see Oxford United, only 2 games to go this season, both super crucial for league promotion prospects. I digress. One to Newburgh Priory and one to the walled garden at Scampston Hall. So that makes 6.

12 cookery posts- 3 now with the rhubarb, one more coming next week in a most unexpected post!

11 flower photos. Who knew flowers could be harder to photo than the animals I undertook to photo last year. The ones that are easiest to photo position wise are the ones that something nibbled. Talking of flower nibbling, did anyone else hear that the slug population should explode in the UK this year due to the wet summer of 2015 and the mild winter. Anyone got any good anti slug ideas? I favour salt , but that is a bit nasty. anyway flower picture..

scampston walled gardens april 2016 005


Not to good because I clipped off the petal on the left. Doh! But I loved the cherry blossom at Scampston.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 029

So I will call that just the one picture , giving me a total of 4.

10 handmade cards- total remains at 5.

9 garden posts-3, so far

8 stash kit busting. I am having huge fun with my fabric stash. It has taken over a lot of my life since I started to think of ways to use the scrap bits of fabric. I have started to make a big hexie quilt. I am calling it another 1 as I have completed a couple of scrap fabric projects. So that makes 2

7 sewing/embroidery projects. Using the fabric stash I made another padded coat hanger and a mug rug. So I am calling that another 1. Giving me 2 in total. But wait till I show you what I sewing at the moment, involves the use of scary sewing machine! Next month….

6 Acts of Kindness. Last month I wrote about civic kindness, picking up litter and sorting out trolley parks at shops. This month I want to include two quite different acts of kindness. I was the recipient!

We were on our way to Wembley. The tube was full of passengers, standing room only. A female supporter of the opposing team stood up and offered me her seat. I was surprised at the offer, until I realised that she was not the same age as me, being somewhere in her 40s, big surprise to me, that to her I was older, well I do draw a pension, so I am a Senior which is a much nicer term than Old Age Pensioner which is used in the UK, and that I was jolly glad to sit down. So I thanked her profusely and accepted the seat.

Last week I went shoe shopping. I damaged the sole on my left foot back in September by wearing flimsy sandals of rough Greek terrain. I am fed up of wearing trainers. I decided to bite the bullet and buy some sensible shoes. I bowled along to the shoe shop, explained my predicament to the sales assistant, who was full of good advice and found several pairs of not too hideous lace up shoes. I tried on one particular pair and was over joyed, I said I wished I gone there months ago, the shoes were blissful. She gave me a big hug! That hug, the concern she demonstrated, which I believe was genuine and not just about making the sale, was infused with kindness and made such a difference to how I felt about sensible shoes. Why do I believe it was genuine, because I have been a sales assistant, and she told me about her Policeman’s heel, caused by standing all day in a shoe shop.

Both events told me that the kindness of strangers should never ever be underestimated.

So that makes 4.

5 non fiction books read. I finished the book Voices from the Workhouse. I plan on spending sometime this year in the County Records office to find out more about our local workhouse. Not certain what I will read next, several thoughts… Oh that makes 2

4 Projects to improve my knitting/crochet skills. I completed the cable cardigan for my grandson.

27.4.16 008

So that makes 2

3 projects completed from my bucket list-still just 1

2 railway journeys- ACHIEVED.One to Reading and one to Wembley. And I got to use the last four days on my rail card before it expired. I shall need a new one if I go by train anywhere else.

1 bus jouney-0

0 magazines purchases. 0. But oh so hard.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else is getting on this year.

And have you ever experienced kindness from strangers? How did it make you feel?

Here’s to our May achievements. Good Luck everyone.





Comments on: "16 for 2016- April" (17)

  1. […] Following Nanacathy’s wonderful example I created a list of things I would like to achieve in 2016. The year started well with the list providing a surprising amount of motivational push. Then viruses struck and threw me off course for Feb and March. […]

  2. You’re making great progress – well done 🙂

  3. One third of the way through already…eek! I shall do an update on my list too I think.
    You’re getting on well with yours. I’m impressed.

    When I was a teen I was catching a bus and didn’t realise the fare was as much as asked for, I was 50p short and truly stuck. I think I turned around in panic, but no need to worry unduly as the person behind me gave it to me. I’ve never forgotten and will do the same if needed.

  4. I applaud you on the magazine number! If only I could follow my own attempt to not buy yarn, but I messed that up the first week of the year. LOL!

    • You have no idea of the internal dialogue I have to have by the magazine stand. So hard! But is have three piles of magazines and I so don’t need any more! Yarn would be very hard.

  5. The only thing that I have found to keep plants safe from slugs (and I have tried lots of different ones!) is surrounding the whole plant with broken egg shells about four inches with no gaps. Works for my sedum which the little blighters find very tasty when it is just little florets.

  6. This is very inspirational! You seem to be really inspired by your list and doing so well at completing the items!

    • Thank you. I love the way I think I will achieve goals one way and end up doing something completely different. I am learning to write goals that allow for change, the unexpected and development!

  7. Drum roll indeed! I’m very impressed with your progress in so many of your items on the list. Well done with the swims. LOVELY to see the wild daffodils!!! Looking forward to seeing your stash busting projects. It is fun to be sharing this 16 for 16 with you.

  8. You are doing wonderfully. I need to get on the exercise and weight loss too. I’m impressed how well you have done on so many areas.

  9. kathrynrubidoux said:

    Copper tape helps repel slugs, anything copper really. The crawl on it and it creates a charge which knocks the slug back… hopefully away from the plant. They sell it in garden centers here in the US, it may be the same in the UK.

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