Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

I finished the cardigan for my grandson Master T, probably too big right now but there we are. My first cable knitting project.

27.4.16 007

So onto my next challenge. Last year I struggled enormously with a simple lacy pattern, so this year I am determined to improve my skills. Turns out it really is just a case of concentrating, last year I was worrying a lot, this year so far is better, so no interference with concentration. Biggest problem was counting 238 stitches cast on for the first row!

27.4.16 015

After that the going got easier. Little cardigan for a new family baby due next month, for our nephews /godson’s first baby.

Very disappointed that in this book of short stories there isn’t one about a cat, a hat and a piece of string. Turns out these were the three luxury items on desert island discs. Which set me wondering which three luxuries would you take to a desert island? Remember you can take a book as well, and the Bible and a complete copy of Shakespeare is there already.

Me, I would take sun cream, matches and a pair of binoculars. As for the book, Dr Zhivago, which I have always meant to read, and for which there would be plenty of time before I got rescued.

What about you?

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (29)

  1. i like the premise….chocolat was my favorite movie ever, and i loved the book. i’ve read most of joanne harris’s books, but missed this one. thanks.

  2. Very good question. I have no idea what I would take. I take 2 tote bags to work everyday…. Ha! Yep. No clue! Enjoy your knitting 😉

    • I thought quite hard about it and decided I could use sticks for knitting needles and vines for yarn so I wouldn’t need knitting supplies!

  3. Love the cardigan! Master T will love wearing it, I’m sure. Too big is always better. Concentration is always the hardest part. The lacy cardigan is going to be beautiful. Never though about the question so I’ll ruminate on that a moment.

  4. Well done with the cables – it looks grand! I love the edging on the pink cardi – gorgeous.
    A Luxury – hmmm, I think it would have to be a crochet hook and and endless supply of brightly coloured yarn – a bit too predictable really! And a book – a crochet encyclopaedia! Oh dear! dull, dull, dull!!!!
    The music would be mainly dance music though – esp from the 60 and 70s.
    Great questions!

    • Glad you enjoyed them. Sure you could make it crochet hook and use natural material. Come to think of it you would be making beach art you know you would, help spelt out in the sand and highly decorated with seaweed! Music, not there’s the question, dance music, but what not to get fed up of! Have to be long, like Bohemian rhapsody or the Doors When you are strange!

      • Ha Ha! the whole island would be doodled and arranged with mandalas and labyrinths every where! I’d cover tree trunks with crochet and hang shell bunting and mobiles from the branches. You’ve set me off on a wonderful fantasy there Cathy! Did you ever see The Swiss Family Robinson as a child, that and Polyanna were my favourites! I wish they would remake Family Robinson – i’m off to listen to the Doors!

  5. Great cardigan! I’m sure Master T will look very smart in it 🙂

  6. Oh yes Swiss family Robinson, loved it and In search of the castaways! Best film was the Incredible Journey. Enjoy Mr Morrison!

  7. Kwizgiver said:

    I’m going to add the Harris book to my ever-growing TBR. I loved Chocolat.

    Happy knitting.

  8. What a fabulous cardigan! After he outgrows it, someone needs to frame it in a shadow box with a picture of him in it.

  9. Congratulation on finishing that gorgeous cardigan!
    Am certain the pink will be just as enjoyable. After it’s done!

  10. I loved reading that book it was the first time I had read short stories ! I would take any Joanna Harris book,my sewing bag,sun cream and a friend ! 🙂

  11. I love your cables. I think I am about ready to try them. For a book I would pick ‘Come Spring’ it is quite long and it is my favorite!

  12. Cardigan looks lovely. the cables are so neat 🙂 I know what you mean about casting on a lot of stitches – so hard to count!

  13. I feel your pain about casting on so many stitches! Love the orange cardi and the pink one is looking lovely already. I would have to say gin, a fishing rod and David Attenborough – assuming my family were marooned with me:)

    • Gin and a fisherman rod good plan. No people allowed though. You could take his book though. Nearly finished the pink number now!

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