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April Garden

It has truly been a month of April Showers. The ground remained waterlogged for sometime, but the last week has seen lots of sunshine by day, but chilly nights. The main task in the garden has been clearing away the rest of the winter debris and weeding.

The daffodils are only just going over now, lots of yellow still dotted around.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 010

I love this primula.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 011

And the grape hyacinths are just coming into bloom.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 017

I moved the little statue

scampston walled gardens april 2016 016

She is now by the side of the pond among the logs I have left for the insects and rock hidey holes for frogs. I think she makes a rather good woodland nymph. And we can now see her from the kitchen window. Talking of frogs there is now loads of frog spawn in the pond and we have newts too. The birds are busy picking out their “des res ” and nest building. Spotted a cheeky sparrow uprooting greenery from a flower tub this week.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 013

Lots of plants now wanting to go outside , if only the weather would be kinder at night.hard to stay patient and keep them snug indoors.

I bought three herbs at the plant sale -sage, marjoram and lemon balm, to go with the mint, chives, rosemary and thyme which I already have. Hoping to get a few more plants for my herb garden still.

I also bought Pulsatila Red Bells, which is nearly fully open and also Echinops, which is a globe thistle.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 012

Not much to see there yet.

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up, then we will have tulips, bluebells, iris, lilac, honeysuckle, poppies, and who knows some of the seeds I planted this year too, like morning glory, sunflowers and cosmos.

Right now to go back outside, we spread some manure on the roses and the blackbirds have had a good root through it for worms and have made a right mess on the grass and footpaths.

Hope you have some warm weather and get outside too this weekend.


Comments on: "April Garden" (16)

  1. Beautiful flowers! Can’t wait for them to start coming up here. But today it is only 39 degrees right now, so Mother Nature is still not ready to give us Spring. I love your little statue. She is beautiful.

  2. It does feel as if winters going on forever, doesn’t it? 😦

  3. Well, we’re just a little bit further north than you (100 miles or so?), but fascinating to see what your garden is growing now. I love the blossom on your background – glorious pic, one of the best things about spring.

    • It’s incredible the difference caused by geography. We are higher up than the rest of the town and I noticed bluebells in full flower in town whereas us just quarter to a mile away bluebells only just in bud! So happy you noticed my blossom background which I changed this week!

  4. Our bulbs are long gone & roses have started, but I’m (what do you reckon, Jen – 500 to 800 miles south of you?) and much farther south than you, NanaCathy! So interesting to see what even a 300 mile difference can make, and am fascinated by your herb varieties. Love that primula!

    • Roses, oh my. It’s going to be interesting to see the geographical difference on weather and the garden’s progress across blog land.

    • Del, I think we’re about 600 miles from Charlotte, so you’ve got the range just right. My tulips are out now! (But it’s still too cold for my liking, we had frost yesterday morning.)

  5. Love your beautiful spring flowers, the hyacinth are especially lovely. We have daffodils all around town, my tulips are just coming, and peonies have blooms nearly ready to burst. And we’re having cooling evenings here still, too. 😦

  6. We are on the verge of things here, too. Signs of spring all over the place but it isn’t really fully here yet. And they say we could get a little snow in the next day or so??

  7. claire93 said:

    everything is coming up beautifully

  8. Shows how differen North is to South, My daffodils were over long ago. I now have bluebells, primroses, violets and forget-me-nots.

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