Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Last weekend we took the advantage of a free visit for local people to Scampston Hall walled garden and park.

The walled garden was a little disappointing at this time of year.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 022

The vegetable garden  had just been sewn with this summer’s crop, the only thing to see where chives and rhubarb which quite frankly we had better specimens at home.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 021

What surprised us was the difference the walls made on the garden, the season is far more advanced here than at home. This tulip was fully open, whereas at home the daffodils are still at their best and no sign of tulips yet.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 020

These beds will be spectacular in summer. Then we rounded the corner

scampston walled gardens april 2016 030

To a fabulous display of cherry trees. I have never seen such blossom, or so many cherry trees together. Would love to know of other gardens with cherry trees.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 026

It was a lovely sunny day and children enjoyed this fountain. Then we headed off into the park designed by Capability Brown.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 042

The house from the park which was very much shut up still. Be interesting to go back when the house is open too.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 041

A lovely lake to walk round. The bridge is actually the main road from York to Scarborough.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 047

The old ice house, wonderfully preserved. There is something rather decadent about an ice house I feel. Maybe I should explain ice house. This one was situated near the lake, so that in winter the servants could cut blocks of ice from the frozen lake and store it in the ice house, so that come the summer the owners could eat ice cream and sorbets, frozen in the ice brought up from the ice house.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 048
No park is complete without a cascade and

scampston walled gardens april 2016 049

a pavilion.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 050

We enjoyed sitting here in the sunshine, with the daffodils and the lake.

All in all a lovely afternoon out. The weather since has been wonderful, lots of sunshine… I could get used to this retirement malarkey.

Here’s to a lovely weekend for us all… we are going sofa shopping AGAIN. Wish us luck.



Comments on: "Cherry Blossom at Scampston Hall" (10)

  1. That cascade is just lovely. Wish ee had more ateas such as this in my area.

  2. Looks like a fab place, despite the empty beds. I’m always amazed the difference the slightest thing makes – like the walls in the garden – to how soon flowers bloom.

  3. It’s all so pretty. There is something magical about walled gardens, I love them so much although preferably with a nice display of flowers 😉 i hope the sofa shopping goes well and have a great weekend. x

  4. Lovely, lovely outing, and a beautiful day to enjoy all the loveliness! Quite interesting to see the differences between walled & not walled gardens. Almost like a poly-tunnel, from what little I’ve seen of both.
    Thank you!

    • That’s a good comparison on growing conditions. Tulips nearly over in the walled garden, outside in the park, daffodils looking gorgeous still!

  5. This looks a wonderful place to visit. I hope you’ll go back later in the year and take some more photographs for us.

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