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Yarn Along!

scampston walled gardens april 2016 055

Can’t believe I still haven’t finished this cardigan for my grandson. I loved learning to cable on the front but the two sleeves seemed to take me forever . I am now on the hood and absolutely determined to finish it this week as I really need to start a little something for a baby due next month. Yikes!

The book is by one of my favourite authors from last year Ann Cleeves. As good as I hoped for.

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  1. Stocking stitch is utterly boring . . . I MUST have a pattern of some kind to keep me going . . . and it’s against my religion to knit in anything fineer than triple knit (12 ply) so I admire your effort.

  2. I hope you get it done in time 🙂

  3. Lovely knitting so far, and the colour is outstanding! Looked up your book, and it’s available over here, so must check this miserably small library system . . . although am currently making my way through Holt’s Mrs. Malory series. Have watched all the Vera’s on PBS (loved ’em!) before moving down here, where they’re not on telly. Everything very limited down here, in more ways than one…

  4. Looks like a book I might enjoy and it’s go to the library day!

  5. I always do the back then the sleeves then the front(s) to stop the sleeves feeling so slow. Or were the back and fronts knitted as one piece, so you couldn’t do that?

  6. I love the bright yellow! Cables are fun once you figure out how they work. 🙂

  7. looks gorgeous good luck finishing it.

  8. claire93 said:

    lovely knitting, and thanks for the book suggestion.

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