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Scrap Happy- April 2016

I have joined Kate and the other ladies who contribute on the 15th of every month for Scrap Happy. Thank you so much for for this.

I have a box full of scraps of fabric.  When you can no longer shove any more fabric into your scrap stash the time has come to do something. Like use the fabric! NB -This does not include the bag of fat quarters I have no idea what I am going to do with , except to look at them with sheer joy. Nor fabric bought for a specific purpose that I just haven’t sewn yet.

So no fat quarters/decent size pieces of fabric have been harmed in the making of the following this month.

Does anyone remember that I had a happy time last Autumn making padded coat hangers? I began using my stash by making another, everything came from the stash even the coat hanger and the embellishment. I really do have far too much!

wembley 2016 033

And the ribbon

wembley 2016 034

For Christmas I gave Miss J padded coat hangers using Waking the Dead fabric, which by the way she said were way too nice to cover up with clothes. And I had some fabric left over, and at my request I received many kind suggestions on what to do with it. Still undecided I took myself off to the library and came back with a book on Mug Rugs. BIG MISTAKE! It’s a really good book, here are the details. I shall have to buy a copy myself as I suspect I am meant to share the book. Anyway here is the result , just in time for Miss J’s birthday.

Farndale-2016 006

Would you look at that, I managed to bind the edges, a first for me, ok so it’s not as accurate as it could be but I will learn. I really like the back best though.

Farndale-2016 007

Such fun with french knots and long stitch. I thought to use beads but reckoned the mug would be a bit precarious on a beady wobbly rug. Miss J has a skull mug, which will go perfect with it. I have got her lots of hot chocolate mixes too.

And so onto the BIG ONE. I have now made lots and lots and lots of hexies to make the patchwork quilt I have been saying I would make for the last *****years! And I have started to sew them together. Here’s where I am now.

Newburgh priory April 2016 005

Of course making hexies generated lots and lots of even smaller pieces, so now I have a box of teeny tiny fabric bits. Yikes!

Whilst in the library I looked for books on quilts and I didn’t actually find one yet, but I have come home with four other books brimming with more ideas for my fabric scraps. I just need more hours in a day please.

Here’s the list of the other people in Scrap Happy.

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Comments on: "Scrap Happy- April 2016" (21)

  1. I must make some padded coat hanger covers – they are just so gorgeous! thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Scrap Happy sounds like a fab idea to use up all those scraps. Your coat hangers look fab and well done on getting your quilt started.

  3. It takes me a long time to get to the bottom of the page. I have to read all the comments first. Maybe that’s why I like coming in late. Kate always has such wonderful ideas and good tips. I loved the padded hanger and would hate to put clothes on over it too. 🙂 The mug rug was awe inspiring. 🙂 My daughter would love it. She’s 43, not a kid. I bought some skulls and roses fabric to make aprons for her and her cousin for Christmas. I think I’ll make mug rugs for them too. Brilliant idea. The hexagon quilt is past my capabilities but it’s very nice.

  4. Love the hanger. Would like a wardrobe full of those

  5. I still have some room in my scrap box, but I’m going to keep mug rugs in mind for a future project.

  6. Fantastic Cathy! I could use some scrap ideas too, so I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with 😃

  7. claire93 said:

    ooooh I love your hexies ^^

  8. When are scraps to small to even be called scraps???? 🙂 Thank you for the links!

  9. That is probably the coolest mug rug I’ve ever seen! If my scraps are too small to make a 2″ square for my postage stamp block, or 2.5″ to make a 1″ hexie, they go into a back called crumbs, which will probably never get used, but at least it sorts them from the usable stuff. I have a binding tutorial on the blog somewhere. Do you want a link, or do you have plenty of reference already? My favourite source of ideas for using scraps is below: the woman’s inspired!

  10. Beautiful hanger. Also loving those hexies still – they’re so pretty and so neatly put together 🙂

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