Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


Jane rightly commented that once a secret is told it’s not longer a secret, so this week’s challenge was quite hard. I have no real secrets but like everyone there are some events in my life which are too painful to recall and are certainly not for a light hearted photo challenge, or public consumption. So what to choose?

One of the questions which I can never answer in those “awards” are tell us ten things we don’t already know about you, I can never come up with ten and in fact there is only one, so I don’t bother with that question.

So that one was the subject for my secret! When we moved to Yorkshire 14 years ago, Mr B was only 13 and like his brother Mr J supported a football team. Oxford United. Well what was a Mum to do, Mr E worked away from home and can’t stand football. That left me… Fortunately the Conference league was full of Northern teams, and so began 5 years of attending away games for Oxford United. I got to visit the most glamourous places.. Stockport, Mansfield, Grimsby, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Darlington etc etc. I have to say that in all those years we meet with friendliness and kindness from fans , both home and away and stewards. Indeed in Nottingham I got so lost, Mr B being totally rubbish at reading directions, no sat-nav in those days, that I had a police escort to the ground!!

And then, and then we got to the play offs, we went to Wembley, we played York, and we won! And so Oxford were in the football league proper. Note that without thought I just typed WE. The unthinkable had happened I was a fan! But Mr B went to uni and my taxi services were no longer needed.

By some fluke in 2016 Oxford found themselves in the Final of the Johnsons Paint Cup. WHAT is that I hear you cry. Well apparently its a cup for leagues one and two. So there we were last Sunday playing Barnsley from League one. No happy ending for us I am afraid but we had a super day out. Here come the pics of a wonderful family day out, me, Mr B and Ms G, Mr J, Ms M and Master H himself.

wembley 2016 002

wembley 2016 005

wembley 2016 014wembley 2016 016wembley 2016 017wembley 2016 032

We did at least score the first goal, final score was 3:2 and the better team did win.

BUT we are second in the league and only 8 games to go, we may go up a league next season, here’s hoping!

So did you guess my secret?

Just one more thought. Secrets can be nice things, planning a treat, a holiday a present, but by and large I don’t like them.

Yesterday I was tidying a cupboard and came a cross my postcard collection made as a teenager. Some of them were falling out , so I had a merry time reading and reliving my youth. Then I read one from, let’s call her Angela. I met Angela aged thirteen on holiday, both us with our parents, in Majorca and we palled up for a week.On her return to England she sent me a postcard from Brighton. “Brenda and I went to the Shambles, lovely shops. We met Jimmy Saville and he talked to us for ages”. My blood ran cold…. she was so excited to have met him, talked to him, been noticed by him. What a near miss…..


Comments on: "Secret!" (17)

  1. What a shame there aren’t two different words, once for nice secrets and on for thing that aren’t. It seems a shame for them to have to share the same word.

    • There should be! Being sworn to secret , not good. What about Top Secret, and leaks of secrets, not good either. I think we should have a new word for nice secrets and leave the old word behind.

  2. Thanks for relating the history behind your post card find for us across the pond, and reminding us that there are different kinds of secrets.

  3. How to become a football fan. Well I never!

  4. I feel the same about football but, luckily, my husband is around to take the boys. The Jimmy Savile mention sent chills up my spine – your friend was one of the lucky ones!

  5. Sweet memories. I was lucky to not have sports fans in my family. It saved a lot of time. 🙂

  6. What a good reminder that secrets can be either wonderful or sinister.

  7. Wonderful “secret” post and family photos! The police escort story is one for the ages! (Do not know of Jimmy Saville, must look him up…)
    Here is my “secret” : https://letthesewingbegin.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/photo-challenge-secret/

    • Thanks, but please don’t look him up. He was a very well respected DJ, who did good works for hospitals, fund raising, running marathons and making children’s wishes come true. After his death it emerged that he had been a prolific sexual predator, on children, sick people etc , that this was well known by colleagues and maybe employers and no one said anything, he was too powerful. If anyone complained nothing happened, and his behaviour lasted decades. Horrible man.

      • Oh good gracious, how utterly despicable. I think you’ve provided sufficient info here, definitely no need to read any more details about him.

  8. What a lovely secret – and great pics of a happy day out! But how chilling the story is at the end of your friend Angela meeting Jimmy Saville. His whole world was built on secrets – and a great example of how poisonous they can be.

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