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16 for 2016- April

Can’t believe we are 1/3rd of the way through the year. Spring has sprung albeit rather soggily in these parts, and we are reliably informed by the weather people it will get warmer …… Anyway time to see how my 16 for 2016 is progressing!

16 swims–Drum Roll please, ACHIEVED. I have now been 17 times, and plan on continuing on a weekly basis. I got muddled up counting lengths on the 16th visit and found I enjoyed it far more when I just swam! As the year has progressed there are more swimmers so sometimes you swim as much sideways to avoid collisions as forwards to do a length. So much better to stop counting and just go with the flow. Being British, us regulars now discuss the water temperature in great detail ,as well as the state of the showers!!

15 minutes x 2 x5 days walking. Still a work in progress , but lots of lovely walks. Including one to Farndale to enjoy the Wild Daffodils.

Farndale-2016 014

Farndale-2016 009

14lbs lost-total is unchanged at 8. She blamed rhubarb.

13 outings-It’s been a lovely month for outings. I went to Wembley to see Oxford United, only 2 games to go this season, both super crucial for league promotion prospects. I digress. One to Newburgh Priory and one to the walled garden at Scampston Hall. So that makes 6.

12 cookery posts- 3 now with the rhubarb, one more coming next week in a most unexpected post!

11 flower photos. Who knew flowers could be harder to photo than the animals I undertook to photo last year. The ones that are easiest to photo position wise are the ones that something nibbled. Talking of flower nibbling, did anyone else hear that the slug population should explode in the UK this year due to the wet summer of 2015 and the mild winter. Anyone got any good anti slug ideas? I favour salt , but that is a bit nasty. anyway flower picture..

scampston walled gardens april 2016 005


Not to good because I clipped off the petal on the left. Doh! But I loved the cherry blossom at Scampston.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 029

So I will call that just the one picture , giving me a total of 4.

10 handmade cards- total remains at 5.

9 garden posts-3, so far

8 stash kit busting. I am having huge fun with my fabric stash. It has taken over a lot of my life since I started to think of ways to use the scrap bits of fabric. I have started to make a big hexie quilt. I am calling it another 1 as I have completed a couple of scrap fabric projects. So that makes 2

7 sewing/embroidery projects. Using the fabric stash I made another padded coat hanger and a mug rug. So I am calling that another 1. Giving me 2 in total. But wait till I show you what I sewing at the moment, involves the use of scary sewing machine! Next month….

6 Acts of Kindness. Last month I wrote about civic kindness, picking up litter and sorting out trolley parks at shops. This month I want to include two quite different acts of kindness. I was the recipient!

We were on our way to Wembley. The tube was full of passengers, standing room only. A female supporter of the opposing team stood up and offered me her seat. I was surprised at the offer, until I realised that she was not the same age as me, being somewhere in her 40s, big surprise to me, that to her I was older, well I do draw a pension, so I am a Senior which is a much nicer term than Old Age Pensioner which is used in the UK, and that I was jolly glad to sit down. So I thanked her profusely and accepted the seat.

Last week I went shoe shopping. I damaged the sole on my left foot back in September by wearing flimsy sandals of rough Greek terrain. I am fed up of wearing trainers. I decided to bite the bullet and buy some sensible shoes. I bowled along to the shoe shop, explained my predicament to the sales assistant, who was full of good advice and found several pairs of not too hideous lace up shoes. I tried on one particular pair and was over joyed, I said I wished I gone there months ago, the shoes were blissful. She gave me a big hug! That hug, the concern she demonstrated, which I believe was genuine and not just about making the sale, was infused with kindness and made such a difference to how I felt about sensible shoes. Why do I believe it was genuine, because I have been a sales assistant, and she told me about her Policeman’s heel, caused by standing all day in a shoe shop.

Both events told me that the kindness of strangers should never ever be underestimated.

So that makes 4.

5 non fiction books read. I finished the book Voices from the Workhouse. I plan on spending sometime this year in the County Records office to find out more about our local workhouse. Not certain what I will read next, several thoughts… Oh that makes 2

4 Projects to improve my knitting/crochet skills. I completed the cable cardigan for my grandson.

27.4.16 008

So that makes 2

3 projects completed from my bucket list-still just 1

2 railway journeys- ACHIEVED.One to Reading and one to Wembley. And I got to use the last four days on my rail card before it expired. I shall need a new one if I go by train anywhere else.

1 bus jouney-0

0 magazines purchases. 0. But oh so hard.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else is getting on this year.

And have you ever experienced kindness from strangers? How did it make you feel?

Here’s to our May achievements. Good Luck everyone.





Strictly speaking rhubarb is a vegetable, but I don’t know of anyone who eats it as such. We have had a good crop this year and I have been experimenting with various recipes. My two favourites are Rhubarb cake

Farndale-2016 005

which we ate as a pudding.

One of the blogs, sorry I can’t remember whose, spoke of eating rhubarb and lemon scones. I just had to try making some.

They are delicious.

27.4.16 014

I am not a great scone maker as you can see, but they tasted good. Recipe here

Now I have seen recipes for strawberry and rhubarb pies. Has anyone tried making them, what were they like. Love to hear about any favourite rhubarb recipes as we have lots still in the garden

Yarn Along!

I finished the cardigan for my grandson Master T, probably too big right now but there we are. My first cable knitting project.

27.4.16 007

So onto my next challenge. Last year I struggled enormously with a simple lacy pattern, so this year I am determined to improve my skills. Turns out it really is just a case of concentrating, last year I was worrying a lot, this year so far is better, so no interference with concentration. Biggest problem was counting 238 stitches cast on for the first row!

27.4.16 015

After that the going got easier. Little cardigan for a new family baby due next month, for our nephews /godson’s first baby.

Very disappointed that in this book of short stories there isn’t one about a cat, a hat and a piece of string. Turns out these were the three luxury items on desert island discs. Which set me wondering which three luxuries would you take to a desert island? Remember you can take a book as well, and the Bible and a complete copy of Shakespeare is there already.

Me, I would take sun cream, matches and a pair of binoculars. As for the book, Dr Zhivago, which I have always meant to read, and for which there would be plenty of time before I got rescued.

What about you?

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Photo Challenge- Work

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 004

Burton Agnes Hall, taken earlier this year. Just loved this work of art , showing a gardener at work so much, I saved the picture for this week’s challenge.

Next weeks prompt is Layer. The full list for the challenge is above. Please feel free to join in at anytime, by leaving a link in the comments. A full round up appears at Wild Daffodil each week.

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Happy Snapping!


April Garden

It has truly been a month of April Showers. The ground remained waterlogged for sometime, but the last week has seen lots of sunshine by day, but chilly nights. The main task in the garden has been clearing away the rest of the winter debris and weeding.

The daffodils are only just going over now, lots of yellow still dotted around.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 010

I love this primula.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 011

And the grape hyacinths are just coming into bloom.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 017

I moved the little statue

scampston walled gardens april 2016 016

She is now by the side of the pond among the logs I have left for the insects and rock hidey holes for frogs. I think she makes a rather good woodland nymph. And we can now see her from the kitchen window. Talking of frogs there is now loads of frog spawn in the pond and we have newts too. The birds are busy picking out their “des res ” and nest building. Spotted a cheeky sparrow uprooting greenery from a flower tub this week.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 013

Lots of plants now wanting to go outside , if only the weather would be kinder at night.hard to stay patient and keep them snug indoors.

I bought three herbs at the plant sale -sage, marjoram and lemon balm, to go with the mint, chives, rosemary and thyme which I already have. Hoping to get a few more plants for my herb garden still.

I also bought Pulsatila Red Bells, which is nearly fully open and also Echinops, which is a globe thistle.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 012

Not much to see there yet.

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up, then we will have tulips, bluebells, iris, lilac, honeysuckle, poppies, and who knows some of the seeds I planted this year too, like morning glory, sunflowers and cosmos.

Right now to go back outside, we spread some manure on the roses and the blackbirds have had a good root through it for worms and have made a right mess on the grass and footpaths.

Hope you have some warm weather and get outside too this weekend.


Cherry Blossom at Scampston Hall

Last weekend we took the advantage of a free visit for local people to Scampston Hall walled garden and park.

The walled garden was a little disappointing at this time of year.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 022

The vegetable gardenĀ  had just been sewn with this summer’s crop, the only thing to see where chives and rhubarb which quite frankly we had better specimens at home.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 021

What surprised us was the difference the walls made on the garden, the season is far more advanced here than at home. This tulip was fully open, whereas at home the daffodils are still at their best and no sign of tulips yet.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 020

These beds will be spectacular in summer. Then we rounded the corner

scampston walled gardens april 2016 030

To a fabulous display of cherry trees. I have never seen such blossom, or so many cherry trees together. Would love to know of other gardens with cherry trees.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 026

It was a lovely sunny day and children enjoyed this fountain. Then we headed off into the park designed by Capability Brown.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 042

The house from the park which was very much shut up still. Be interesting to go back when the house is open too.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 041

A lovely lake to walk round. The bridge is actually the main road from York to Scarborough.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 047

The old ice house, wonderfully preserved. There is something rather decadent about an ice house I feel. Maybe I should explain ice house. This one was situated near the lake, so that in winter the servants could cut blocks of ice from the frozen lake and store it in the ice house, so that come the summer the owners could eat ice cream and sorbets, frozen in the ice brought up from the ice house.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 048
No park is complete without a cascade and

scampston walled gardens april 2016 049

a pavilion.

scampston walled gardens april 2016 050

We enjoyed sitting here in the sunshine, with the daffodils and the lake.

All in all a lovely afternoon out. The weather since has been wonderful, lots of sunshine… I could get used to this retirement malarkey.

Here’s to a lovely weekend for us all… we are going sofa shopping AGAIN. Wish us luck.


Yarn Along!

scampston walled gardens april 2016 055

Can’t believe I still haven’t finished this cardigan for my grandson. I loved learning to cable on the front but the two sleeves seemed to take me forever . I am now on the hood and absolutely determined to finish it this week as I really need to start a little something for a baby due next month. Yikes!

The book is by one of my favourite authors from last year Ann Cleeves. As good as I hoped for.

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