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March Garden

Finally the rain stopped and the ground stopped squelching and the garden Spring tidy up could begin. I realize that the wildlife in our garden doesn’t appreciate me enough. I leave all the seed heads and don’t prune the ivy so that the berries are there to feed the birds over winter. I don’t move dead leaves so that the insects and hedgehogs have somewhere to go. The snails find a cosy nook near the front door, which the thrushes know all about. So it is a pretty big task in March to tidy up!

The first task I undertook this month was clearing out pond weed as the frogs use our pond as a nursery and I don’t like to disturb them at this time. Indeed the frogs appeared very early in March, then it got cold again so they went back to sleep. Now they are busy wooing each other and blooming noisy they are too.

Flying scotsman March 16 003

There’s the pond with the rockery and waterfall behind. It really could do with some more weeding. I took the little statue from Dad’s garden, as she looks very elegant, but have yet to find a proper home for her.

The Spring bulbs are all flowering now.

Flying scotsman March 16 001

The ones near the greenhouse.

Flying scotsman March 16 008

These in one of the tubs. I have now moved this tub into a corner of the front garden, near next doors fence, where nothing seems to flourish. Grape hyacinth just appearing.

Talking of hyacinths, I used to have great success with growing them indoors, but then I had years of failures and have now given up. However I used to plant them out in the garden and they come up year after year.

Flying scotsman March 16 010

Snowdrops just beginning to die back now. Lots of primroses ..

Flying scotsman March 16 006

And the crocuses I planted in the autumn.

Flying scotsman March 16 007

I have some purple ones just about to come through. And of course there is the rhubarb which I have been keeping an eye on. I think Rhubarb crumble may be on our Easter Sunday menu.

Flying scotsman March 16 004

I am getting excited for Easter now. Mr J and family are hopefully coming to stay. Hope you have some lovely Easter plans too.


Comments on: "March Garden" (22)

  1. How lovely to have a pond!

  2. You have a lovely garden! Have decided it’s too warm here for crocus and many of the early flowers you can enjoy.

  3. Such inviting spring colours and that pond is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful! Hope you have a happy Easter, Nanacathy! šŸ™‚

  5. Your garden looks so pretty, especially wth the pond! It’s nice to see your flowers looking so happy–we’re due to get several inches of snow soon! It won’t stay on the ground long but still . . . I want spring!

  6. Yellow and purple are such perfect spring garden colors. I can’t wait until my buds become blooms like yours.

  7. Your garden is looking lovely, Cathy. All the beast over Easter.

  8. Beautiful garden photos Cathy. I hope you enjoyed your rhubarb today x

  9. Pond envy! and that rhubarb – much further forward than mine.

  10. Sounds like spring has indeed arrived in your corner of the world!

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