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Football Cross Stitch Card.

For my lovely Grandson’s 8th birthday.

19.3.2016 001

Design by Joanne Sanderson in an old copy of Craft Creations magazine. Colours changed to match the team we support.

Joining with

Smalls SAL – March 2016 Check-In

Photo Challenge- Friends

Man’s best..

Easter 2016 038

Mr J’s dog who also came to stay for Easter. Here not being allowed to join in the Egg Rolling on Easter Monday.

Please have a look at our regular contributors to the photo challenge. And if you have a picture to share please feel free to leave a link. Wild Daffodil will have a photo round up at the end of the week.

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Next weeks challenge word is Secret. Oh my what will that reveal?

Good Luck Happy Snapping!

Blueberry Curd

I love homemade lemon curd and last year I made Seville Orange Curd and that was delicious. In the spirit of challenging myself in the kitchen I made Blueberry Curd last week for my Easter visitors.

Easter 2016 001

Blueberry Curd

225 g Blueberries

50g butter

225g caster sugar

3 eggs beaten

Place blueberries and 1tbsp of water in a pan, cover and cook gently until soft.

Sieve and return to the pan with butter and sugar to dissolve.

Add the eggs and heat gently , stirring until thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon.

Strain and cover into jars.

Mine tasted lovely, but was a bit runny, the eggs may have been too big, I used large ones? I cooked it for 20 minutes which is how long I would cook lemon curd.

I also made my first ever Simnel cake and am rather pleased with how it turned out.

Easter 2016 002

And those all time favourites with children

Easter 2016 003

Hope you had a lovely Easter. The family have all gone home now and it is very quiet here! ….


March Garden

Finally the rain stopped and the ground stopped squelching and the garden Spring tidy up could begin. I realize that the wildlife in our garden doesn’t appreciate me enough. I leave all the seed heads and don’t prune the ivy so that the berries are there to feed the birds over winter. I don’t move dead leaves so that the insects and hedgehogs have somewhere to go. The snails find a cosy nook near the front door, which the thrushes know all about. So it is a pretty big task in March to tidy up!

The first task I undertook this month was clearing out pond weed as the frogs use our pond as a nursery and I don’t like to disturb them at this time. Indeed the frogs appeared very early in March, then it got cold again so they went back to sleep. Now they are busy wooing each other and blooming noisy they are too.

Flying scotsman March 16 003

There’s the pond with the rockery and waterfall behind. It really could do with some more weeding. I took the little statue from Dad’s garden, as she looks very elegant, but have yet to find a proper home for her.

The Spring bulbs are all flowering now.

Flying scotsman March 16 001

The ones near the greenhouse.

Flying scotsman March 16 008

These in one of the tubs. I have now moved this tub into a corner of the front garden, near next doors fence, where nothing seems to flourish. Grape hyacinth just appearing.

Talking of hyacinths, I used to have great success with growing them indoors, but then I had years of failures and have now given up. However I used to plant them out in the garden and they come up year after year.

Flying scotsman March 16 010

Snowdrops just beginning to die back now. Lots of primroses ..

Flying scotsman March 16 006

And the crocuses I planted in the autumn.

Flying scotsman March 16 007

I have some purple ones just about to come through. And of course there is the rhubarb which I have been keeping an eye on. I think Rhubarb crumble may be on our Easter Sunday menu.

Flying scotsman March 16 004

I am getting excited for Easter now. Mr J and family are hopefully coming to stay. Hope you have some lovely Easter plans too.


Photo Challenge- Spring

She turned to the sunlight

And shook her yellow head

And whispered to her neighbour

“Winter is dead”

A A Milne from When we were very young

May2010 115

An archive photo as these lovelies won’t be out for a day or two.Perfect for Easter, but not for me.

Daffodils on Potter Hill, Pickering, planted through the generosity of and by Mr Reg Harvey, Council Worker back in the 50s and 60s.

Next Weeks Prompt Friends

And may you have a Happy Easter with family and friends

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Happy Snapping!

SAL- 20 March

Been busy recently, house decorating and we had visitors. But a stitch here and there was possible. Here’s where I was last time

26.2.16 010

We could play spot the difference with where I am now!!

19.3.2016 003

Geranium Flower Fairy from DMC.

This month we have a new lady joining us, the Sewing Magpie. If you would like to join in please contact Avis.


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Yarn Along

15.3.16 002

I am still knitting the cable cardigan for my grandson Master T. I have completed the fronts and am now on the first sleeve. Progress is slow as I really need to be wide awake and concentrating properly. So much counting!

The book is one I bought for my husband Mr E at Christmas.He likes cycling and loves Greece. He enjoyed the book so much he wanted me to read it. It’s an enjoyable read, only just begun it. Edward Enfield is Harry Enfield’s father and it just so happens that Mr E and Harry Enfield went to the same school but different years. Won’t say how different….

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

16 for 2016- February

So that was Winter! Not so bad in our neck of the woods. Spring is nearly here. The frogs and newts have woken up in our pond as I discovered yesterday when I was clearing out weed and leaf debris. We have had more whizzing round the motorways of England. This time to celebrate Master T’s 5th birthday. We both came back with a cold  which took us out of action for a few days last week. March looks as if it could be very busy indeed with visitors and plumbers!! To say nothing of Easter.

So time for the February review of my 16 for 2016

16  swims-I have now been 7 times, but need to step up my attendance to get the most from my three month membership at the swimming pool.

15 minutes x 2x 5 times a week- ok so I am saying nothing about this one

14lbs lost-8 so far

13 outings- We have had two in February. One to Burton Agnes Hall near Driffield to see the snowdrops. When we were in Wiltshire we went to Avebury Ring

Theo birthday 2016 013

Master T himself

Theo birthday 2016 015

Little sister Miss F

Theo birthday 2016 017

Daddy aka our Oldest son Mr T.

Theo birthday 2016 023

A thoroughly enjoyable outing, with a cup of tea in the cafe to round off the morning. Avebury was somewhere I had always wanted to visit so was thrilled to have this chance.

12 cookery posts- not happened!!

11 Flower pictures  – 2 so far

10 handmade cards- 3

9 Garden posts- 1

8 Stash/kit busting projects-  I made the crochet picnic blanket mostly from wool I already had. Mr J, middle son, was duly grateful and promptly asked me to make a dog blanket as I said he wasn’t to turn the picnic blanket into one. So now entirely from my wool stash I am making a dog blanket.

29.2.16 004

I am therefore counting these two blankets as one stash busting project.

I have a very bad habit of falling in love with fabric and buying fat quarters with absolutely no idea what to do with them. Periodically I lay them on the guest bed and have a mini gloat over them. Anyway my brother is coming next week so the bed has to be cleared of my crafting debris. I started to put away the fabric, only it would no longer fit in my designated fabric box. Humph! I looked at the fabric in said box. Now I don’t have useful pieces of fabric that you could make a dress or a blouse from. No, I have scraps of fabric left over from years of crafting and , scraps rescued from friends, shops, neighbours, strangers etc throwing out their scraps. I looked at the box long and hard. I went away. I thought that the plan I had always had was to make a hexie quilt. A plan I have had since I was a teenager. Just how many more scraps did I need? Had the time come when I should just get started? I have taken the plunge. Hexies are being made! Here’s the beginning.

29.2.16 005

Looking at just this collection sends me down memory lane, of cushions, lavender bags, applique pictures, made by me,and scraps from a lady I worked with. Each one has a memory.

I wondered if anyone had any hints or tips on the making of a hexie quilt?

Where was I?

7 Sewing/Embroidery project- I finished the Cath Kidston bag. I never ever want to sew cotton duck again. I left off the over stitching on the straps. No way was my machine going to cope with the thickness of fabric. Anyway ’tis done, and I have a pretty bag for Summer.

29.2.16 003

6 acts of kindness-0

5 Reading non fiction-still reading Voices from the Workhouse

4 Knitting and crochet skills improved. On the knitting front I have now jst started the right side of a cable cardigan. Now the stitches fall off the beginning of the row instead of the end. I will get there.

Now on the crochet front. I had to figure out how to fix crochet when it undoes itself. I had given the garden blanket to Little Miss F, and the whole family took to it wonderfully well, snuggling down to watch telly, play games etc all Winter long. Mrs T told me when we visited that some of the squares were undoing themselves from the centre. I brought the blanket home with me and had a puzzle. I think the problem was that the magic circles in the centre of some the squares just came loose. One of the granny squares two rows in was also unraveling. Clearly ends had not been secured sufficiently.On the plus side I had small amounts of all the necessary yarn. Anyway I fixed the magic circles with chain stitches through the next row pulled tight and secured the ends very tightly. I darned the errant Granny square. Then I crocheted more flowers and covered the offending parts.

26.2.16 005

26.2.16 006

And hopefully that will be ok.

26.2.16 007

So crochet repair is a new skill for me. Not what I expected but certainly necessary.

3 Bucket list goals achieved- 1

2 Railway journeys-0

1 Bus journey-0

0 Magazines bought-0

So not bad, I think! How are you doing this year? Please feel free to leave a link to a 16 for 2016 review you may post.







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