Life and Thyme!

SAL- 28 February

I am enjoying the Flower Fairy, but time just seems to pass too quickly. Never the less a few crosses have been stitched. Here’s where I was

6.2.16 006

And here’s where I am now

26.2.16 010

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Comments on: "SAL- 28 February" (7)

  1. Still it is growing, but slowly, like mine 🙂

  2. looking good ^^

  3. Her flower is much more impressive now, and she’s got really pretty detail in her hair.

  4. Hey, progress is progress. We never can seem to accomplish as much as we’d like in any given time frame. At least I don’t!

  5. Gorgeous flowers – a real splash of colour 🙂

  6. You’re getting there 🙂

  7. kathrynrubidoux said:

    you keep me motivated to work on mine, seems like I have been doing everything BUT my needlepoint.

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