Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sunday Sevens

A series of seven pictures from my week inspired by Natalie’s idea at Threads and Bobbins

Several years ago I made number 2 son Mr J a picnic blanket. He gave it to his new puppy last year, which upset number one grandson Master H, no blanket, no more picnics?  Only one solution.

14.2.16 001

Nana make a  new picnic blanket.Most of the yarn came from my stash of unfinished yarn.

14.2.16 002

I was lucky enough to get the book Sew by Cath Kidston for Christmas and I have started to make the bag which came with it.

14.2.16 003

And I am gradually getting to grips with knitting cables.

14.2.16 004

Sadly the cardi won’t be ready in time for Master T’s 5th birthday, but that can’t be helped.

14.2.16 005

The pot hole/road repair saga continues, fixing gear left on our drive throughout the week!

14.2.16 006

These tete a tete daffodils were bought last year as a supermarket bargain at 50p after Mother ‘s Day. Pleased that they have come up in our garden this year.

Burton Agnes Hall, snowdrops Feb 2016 033

Whilst we were visiting Burton Agnes Hall this week, we had a wander round the church. It had some lovely box pews inside and some rather grand Yew trees in the churchyard.

And here in England it is half term week, holidays, lovely!! Have a super week everyone.



Comments on: "Sunday Sevens" (22)

  1. Your photos portray a beautifully gentle and creative week! Just what we Nanas need/love/enjoy! Cables looking good. And the Cath Kidston bag looks lovely.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

  2. Lots of crafting, that’s good and I like tete-a-tete daffodils and have some, they are so dainty!

    • Can’t beat lots of crafting. I do so much at once that sometimes it feels like nothing gets finished, but of course it does. The blanket took three months! I had forgotten all about the daffodils till they flowered, such a nice surprise. They are dainty!

  3. Lovely cosy looking blanket. I wish I had the patience.

    • Thank you. It kept me very cosy through winter whilst I made it. A nice project when I was feeling too tired to do anything more complicated.

  4. Fab blanket – even better as it’s made from scraps. love a bit of Kath Kitson fabric. Cables are looking great!

  5. I’ve got the same book, we’ll have to do a sew along!

    • That sounds like a plan. I am having a real struggle with the bag, my sewing machine doesn’t like cotton duck fabric, and turning the button fastening and strap to the right side is hard work. Did you make the bag?

      • I did, though had completely forgotten about it. My machine struggled too, the material is just too thick for home sewers. I’ve made the tote bag from the book, and that was fun. I blogged about it here a year or two ago. It’s time I used my sewing machine again!

  6. I started to worry about my machine, so ran some ordinary fabric through it and it was fine and dandy. I wondered if it would have been easier if I had washed it first. Did you use cotton duck on your second bag? I wondered where you could buy it?

  7. I have blanket envy! It’s gorgeous! Let me know what you think to making the CK bag. It was the first bag I ever made & can really remember the instructions not being clear for a beginner! It’s a lovely bag though once made 🙂

    • I have made bags before and am ok with the instructions, it’s the fabric that’s the problem, it’s too tough for my machine. I just have the strap to do. I would have liked to do button holes but won’t because of the fabric. I will just stitch them down.

      • Yes, I think if you have some experience already, the construction comes much easier. I look at my bag now and wish it was lined! I also stitched the buttons due the thickness 🙂 great minds think alike!

  8. You’re doing a lot! And so many different directions–I love that!

  9. What lovely spring-like photos of the church & daffs. Your cabling is very impressive! I’ve got a cardy I made with cabling down the front. I really don’t like it but can’t beat to part with it because I was so pleased with how my plaited cables turned out!

  10. Lots of lovely activities! I’m amused to see the progress on your lane – as I’m about to write a blogpost on the progress of our lane repairs. Sounds so dull – but it’s gripping stuff if it matters to you!

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