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Yarn Along!

snowdrops Jan 2016 015

Progress on the jacket for Master T has been slow, for various reasons. The cable is on the front only but the yoke of the jacket back does have this pattern which involves knitting into the stitch below on the purl side. I have to concentrate whilst I knit!

snowdrops Jan 2016 016

Book is by Robert Harris Dictator, set in ancient Rome telling the story of how Julius Caesar came to power. An enjoyable read if you  like historical well researched novels. But I have to concentrate on who is who!!

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (13)

  1. I too love the knitting/reading update – but I usually read on kindle, so the book would always look the same 😦

  2. Beautiful knitting! Love the look of the yoke.

    • Thanks, only I realised last night I had missed out two rows and had to frog it back to the start of the yoke! Doh! I will show what I did wrong next week.
      Muppet that I am!

  3. I like the effect of that stitch!

  4. I happened to be in the bookshop yesterday and saw this book, I have loved all his other novels so can’t wait to red this one. Unfortunately I was there to buy for someone else not me!!!

  5. I love the idea of an update on what I’m knitting and what I’m reading. I downloaded Robert Harris’ book right after Christmas but haven’t got to it yet. I have been anxiously awaiting it for a while – since reading the first two. Cicero is fascinating. For 2016, I challenged myself to learn to knit socks using a set of 4 double pointed needles. Whew – it is coming along but at first I thought I would need to grow a couple of extra hands to manage. Thanks for a great blog idea!

    • It’s a jolly good read but there are a lot of characters so you need to be able to concentrate. Look forward to reading your yarn along!

  6. Knitting into the stitch below does give an interesting effect doesn’t it?

  7. Really enjoyed Dictator and the two previous ones about Cicero… not sure I’d be enjoying that stitch so much though!

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